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1000+ Inspiring Homemade Book and Movie Character Costumes

Losing yourself in a movie or a book is the best. It’s a total immersion experience where the rest of your life dissolves in a puddle of to-do lists and dentist appointments. For a true disguise this Halloween, check out this spectacular collection of DIY movie and book character costumes.

There are so many different genres of movies and books, but what they all share is the desire to transport the viewer to another realm. They will sweep you away from real life into the movie planet where anything is possible.

In addition, discover the coolest instructions in order to construct your own homemade movie and book character costumes. Even better, get inspiration here from the amazing costume creators here to come up with your own DIY costume design.

The only limit is your imagination! So delve into the world of make believe and be amazed what you can accomplish.

Latest Book and Movie Character Costumes

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Featured Book and Movie Character Costumes

Couple Costumes to Remember: Mary Poppins and Bert

Quick and Easy Little Orphan Annie Costume for a Baby

Ellis is the first girl after 4 boys, so I knew her costume this year would be amazing. I’d been waiting 11 years to make a girl costume. And when she was born with red hair, I wanted to be sure to celebrate red hair in her costume. My husband just recently made the jump to shave his head bald. So, “Daddy Warbucks” has been swimming around in his head for some time. So out of the blue he suggested Annie. Add that to my minor obsession with musicals and Annie was the perfect fit for her first Halloween on earth. Read more »

Couple Costumes to Remember: Mary Poppins and Bert

Cool Mary Poppins and Bert Couple Costumes

I’ve always wanted to create these classic couple costumes. I grew up watching the movie Mary Poppins and I loved the characters and the costumes. This Halloween, my boyfriend and I decided to create homemade costumes for Mary Poppins and Bert (the chimney sweep from Mary Poppins). I’m a bit (okay a lot) obsessed with Halloween and DIY costumes and I love couple costumes. I started prepping these in early September. Read more »

Coolest DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costume

guardians of the galaxy family costume

Our family loves the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, so it was a given we would convince our kids this was the Halloween theme we needed to go with. We’ve been dressing up as a family since the kids were born, and each year our costumes get more elaborate. From our Guardians of the Galaxy family costume, my husband’s Groot costume took the most time, so I’ll explain the steps he took to build it. Read more »

Awesome Homemade Alien Xenomorph Costume for Halloween

An Alien Xenomorph Invades Plano, TX!!

Here’s how our homemade Alien Xenomorph costume came to life. My son Joshua has always had a fascination with natural and fictitious creatures like Dinosaurs and Dragons.  His love of scary monsters evolved to the creepiest monster ever featured in movies: The Alien Xenomorph in the Alien films. Read more »