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400+ Adorable Homemade Toddler Halloween Costumes

When it comes to toddler Halloween costumes, we can’t get enough. If you live with a toddler or see one on a regular basis, this is your chance to dress your demanding toddler into whatever costume your heart desires.

Toddlers are sunshine and storm clouds – often at the same time. Trying to impose logic on a situation will oftentimes get you nowhere. For you, the exhausted caregiver, we give you toddler Halloween costumes!

Want your toddler to look like Negan from The Walking Dead? Need them to be a scarecrow to fit into your Wizard of Oz theme? Think it would be hilarious to dress them up as Heisenberg from Breaking Bad? We have all of these and more.

Some toddlers have caught on and demanded their own ideas for homemade costumes. We give props to the dad who turned his son into the “juicy, juicy pear” he needed to be.

Probably our favorite homemade costumes are the ones parents have created around their toddlers’ wheelchairs. The love and care that goes into the construction of those DIY costumes is truly unrivaled.

So, whether you want to stick with a pretty Tinkerbell or a bloody Chucky doll, you will find plenty of inspiration here to guide you on your quest.


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