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Coolest Homemade Gnome Riding a Snail Illusion Costume

This Gnome Riding a Snail Illusion costume looks harder then it really was. All you need is a box and fabric and old clothes and shoes. Take the box and shape it. Make a hole to get in ,cover with fabric, take 2 pool noodles, shape neck and head cover with fabric glue on eyes. Sew old pants to old shoes, sew to box. Climb into box. Put on mask and shirt and away you go.

Oh, I forgot to move the snail. I used an old pair of suspenders and hooked it to the box under the pants and the shirt. This was very fun to make. The more I got done the more my son would yell how much longer momma? When done I took it to my grandma to see, the look on her face when she found out the legs were fake was priceless . I have taken him to 3 differnt contest and he placed 1st in all 3. People took lots of pictures and wanted to know how to make it and if I sell them. My son is 4 yrs old that I made this for and he loves it and want to wear it every day.

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