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450+ Awe-Inspiring Optical Illusion Costumes You Can Make for Halloween

Optical illusion costumes are so fun to make and even more fun is to wear. Just seeing the look on people’s faces staring at you in bewilderment trying to figure out the illusion is priceless. It’s the best reward for the hard work you put into making the costume.

On this site alone you’ll find many different variations of the “classic” optical illusion costumes. You’ll find Alien Abduction, Headless, Jockey, Piggy Back, Flying Carpet and so many more illusions. And just when we thought that we’ve seen all the illusions possible… Someone sends in a new and original optical illusion costume that blows us away.

So, if you are planning an optical illusion costume this Halloween, make sure to browse through the ideas below. Create a new variation on a classic illusion costume. Or, come up with an illusion that has never been seen before! And don’t forget to send us your costume so we can feature it on our site. It’ll blow away people for years to come!

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