Out-of-this-World Jetson’s Family Costume!

Out-of-this-World Jetson's Family Costume!

We had a blast as the Jetson family! It’s rare that the kiddos actually want to participate with dear old mom and dad so when I got the chance, I ran with it! Our costumes were pieced together with traditional clothing and embellished. Jane, Judy, and Elroy’s collars were cut from heavy weight interfacing material … Read more

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

This zombie costume was originally created for a zombie walk in the town I live in, Fayetteville, NC. The idea came a year ago when I was trying to think of clever zombie ideas. I wanted to create a zombie like no other that has been seen. Since I am a magician I started thinking of … Read more

Contest-Winning DIY Floating Genie Costume

Floating Genie

I created the rug out of foam board and reinforced it with thin strips of wood. I spray glued material and attached trim and tassels to finish off the look. I then stuffed pantyhose and put on genie costume bottoms that I purchased off of eBay. I attached gold shoes and a genie bottle. I … Read more

Original Homemade Spyro the Dragon Costume

Spyro the Dragon, Star Flying Ace

I made this costume to celebrate the 20th anniversary of my all-time favorite video game: Spyro the Dragon. Since I am sadly not a dragon, I did a lot of thinking about how to interpret Spyro’s character in a humanoid way. I knew I wanted the wings, horns, and tail to be really clear, but … Read more

Amazing Homemade Voodoo Priestess Costume for a Girl

Best Voo Doo Priestess costume for 9 yr old girl

My Daughter, Isabella who is 9, wanted to be a voodoo witch doctor this year for Halloween, complete with a voodoo doll and shrunken head! We had a lot of fun making this costume and super inexpensive!! For the skull on the headdress, which was the hardest part, I used Crayola magic mold and shaped … Read more

Epic Cleopsis Eater of Death Costume – Entirely Homemade!

Cleopsis, Eater of death costume!

This year my daughter, Harmony, who is 13 yrs old. She wanted to be something Egyptian but still wanted to be something unique for Halloween, so, we searched the internet for different ideas and she saw a Cleopsis statue and just loved it! So, I said , “Sure, that’ll be cool!” little did I realize … Read more

Awesome DIY Vampire Costume with Articulated Wings

Vampire with articulated wings

Ever want to have a great vampire costume with wings that retract and expand without emptying your bank account? This is the one for you. To do this cool wing effect, you will need the following: 8 eyebolts, lots of washers, short machine screws with nuts, two long threaded bolts without heads, dirt bike vest, … Read more

Original Empty Nesters Homemade Couple Costume

Empty Nesters

Our 4th daughter left for college this year, so our “empty nest” was the inspiration behind our Halloween costume.  We decided to dress up as chickens whose chicks “flew the coop”.  All of our daughters are in college right now so in the cracked eggs (paper mached balloons using flour, water and salt and scrap … Read more

Amazing Homemade Viktor The Machine Herald Cyborg Costume

Viktor- The Machine Herald

This costume from start to finish was a 3 month endeavor in which I had to learn the basics of robotics and 3D modeling. I love costuming and always try to make the characters I love while adding cool and creative features to bring them fully to life. To replicate the armor on the character, … Read more

My All-Natural Bob Ross Costume

Bob Ross a Happy Little Mistake

My name is Kyle and I have a special little gift of being able to grow out my own Bob Ross inspired Fro! I’ve been growing out my hair for exactly 12 months – that’s right folks measures 9 inches tall and all natural! I found out I had this gift only 6 years ago … Read more

Awesome DIY Family Costume – Little Shop of Horrors

FEED ME, Seymour

My family and I went as Little Shop of Horrors this year.  Each year we pick a movie or show from the late 80s/early 90s and I have been wanting do this one for a while now! Every year everyone is waiting to see our big reveal for our Family costumes, this year we were … Read more