Last Minute Voodoo Doll Costume

Last minute Voodoo doll costume

This last-minute Voodoo doll costume was a super easy costume to make and turned out to be a big hit. I bought a roll of burlap and hit glued it to a pair of leggings I already had. The heart and balls on the pins are styrofoam that I painted and used kabob sticks. Basically … Read more

Homemade Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride

I had already done Sally. I wanted to do the Corpse Bride costume. I already had the technique down for the wig. Full roll of blue yarn and wrap around my arm like winding up a rope. Cut the end by my elbow and then use the middle of all of them as the roots. … Read more

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume

This zombie costume was originally created for a zombie walk in the town I live in, Fayetteville, NC. The idea came a year ago when I was trying to think of clever zombie ideas. I wanted to create a zombie like no other that has been seen. Since I am a magician I started thinking of … Read more

Really Green Jolly Green Giant Costume

Original Jolly Green Giant

My Jolly Green Giant costume has leaves that are actually glued to my hair and I’m painted green with green food coloring. So far people seem to really love this costume. It’s fun to do and it’s easy to do and I like doing it . Literally all I did was take apart a fake … Read more

Cool Group Costume – The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

My friends and I decided to do a Johnny Depp theme for a comic con we all attended.  We ended up with Cry Baby, Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter.  For Sweeney Todd we found a shirt, vest and pants at Goodwill. For the apron I sewed together an apron and used some … Read more

Easy ״They Live״ Movie Aliens Couple Costume

Easy They Live Aliens Couple Costume

My husband and I had a blast dressing up as aliens from the classic 1988 movie They Live. I was nervous no one would recognize our costumes but we had plenty of people come up to us and say, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass… and I’m all out of bubblegum.” … Read more

Cool Female Gene Simmons Kiss Costume

Female Gene Simmons Kiss Costume

I absolutely LOVE Halloween and enjoy making my own costumes every year! This year was no exception and I won first place at a costume contest! I don’t know if it was my costume, tongue, or karaoke performance (I sang “Beth”) that won the crowd over, but it was so much fun and truly an … Read more

Creepy DIY Rotting Pumpkin Costume

Creepy DIY Rotting Pumpkin Costume

Carving pumpkins are my favorite part of Halloween so I decided why not be one for Halloween. I started out by making my skirt just using some brown tulle and then cutting the edges up to make it very jagged, I also bought a cheap pumpkin prop from dollar tree and tore the orange netting … Read more

Coolest Armored Batman Costume

Coolest armored Batman costume

My costume is the armored Batman from the Batman versus Superman movie. My Love for Batman extends all the way into my childhood. Ever since a boy I wanted to become a superhero, fight crime and help others in need. Batman doesn’t have any superpowers but uses his extreme intellect and physical strength to outsmart … Read more

Contest-Winning DIY Floating Genie Costume

Floating Genie

I created the rug out of foam board and reinforced it with thin strips of wood. I spray glued material and attached trim and tassels to finish off the look. I then stuffed pantyhose and put on genie costume bottoms that I purchased off of eBay. I attached gold shoes and a genie bottle. I … Read more

Sassy Sub Zero Costume with a Female Twist

Sassy Subzero Costume with a Female Twist

I always loved the Mortal Kombat games growing up, so I decided that I should pay tribute to my favorite childhood game. Sub Zero was an easy choice for my homemade costume! I found an old child’s costume lying around, so it was time to become inspired and creative. I cut up that old ninja … Read more