To Infinity and Beyond: A Buzz Lightyear Halloween Costume

Coolest Homemade Buzz Lightyear Costume from Toy Story/2022 Lightyear movie for a Plus Size Woman - and with some PIZZAZZ!

Ever since I saw the first Toy Story film in a movie theater as a ten-year-old on December 31, 1995, I have been a fan of Pixar and Disney films. In the first movie, Andy Davis receives a Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday, and at first, Buzz is unaware that he is a toy. … Read more

Miss Frizzle: A Blast from the Past


I crafted this Miss Frizzle costume from an old dress and felt; I purchased the wig and shoes. I cut a men’s dress shirt and sewed it onto the sleeves and collar. This costume was met with tremendous enthusiasm – it evoked major nostalgia for 80s and 90s kids. My only regret is not constructing … Read more

Sexy Lil’ Kim Jong-il Mashup Costume

Lil' Kim Jong-il

I have a penchant for mashup costumes, particularly those that blend elements of seriousness with a hint of sensuality. The idea of merging the persona of musician Lil’ Kim with that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il struck me as an intriguing concept. Upon realizing that no one else had attempted this costume online, I … Read more

Cool Wilson and Chuck Couple Costume from the Movie Castaway

Wilson and Chuck

My husband and I dressed up as characters from Castaway. My husband was Chuck (played by Tom Hanks) and I was Wilson (played by a volleyball). Wilson started as an inflatable ball and after 6 layers of newspapers, glue, and flour, and lots of paint, it ended up as my costume. My husband wore a … Read more

Candy Cane Elf: A Quirky Renaissance Costume with a Twist

Renaissance Candy Cane Elf

Seeking a unique and festive ensemble for the Renaissance Fair’s “Celtic Christmas” theme, I embarked on a creative journey to craft a costume that would embody the spirit of the season while adding a touch of whimsy. A Dazzling Hat: The Foundation of the Costume My costume’s centerpiece was a grand hat crafted from a … Read more

Transforming into Sienna Shaw: A DIY Terrifier 2 Costume

Sienna Shaw from terrifer 2 costume

It’s Daddy’s character! Just like Sienna in the movie, creating this costume involved many sleepless nights. We used EVA foam, chainmail, faux leather, metal skulls, and wings obtained online. Initially, we planned an Art the Clown and Sienna costume duo, but there were no Sienna costumes available. Crafting the Details We spent over 80 hours … Read more

Jareth’s Creepy Medieval Exorcist Costume

Medieval Exorcist

Jareth, a creative 13-year-old, transformed himself into a terrifying medieval exorcist for Halloween. His costume was the culmination of two months of careful planning and meticulous craftsmanship. The Concept and Its Execution Jareth’s idea for the costume was to create a character that was both scary and visually striking. He wanted his face to be … Read more

DIY Corpse Bride Costume: A Halloween Masterpiece

Emily, the Corpse Bride, homemade cosplay

I decided I wanted to be Emily, the Corpse Bride (concept originally by Tim Burton) for Halloween this year since I felt my makeup skills were finally developed enough to be able to pull off the look successfully. I knew I would have to make the costume myself so I started two months early. I … Read more

Cool DIY Clown Costume: “Cloufit” – A Passion Project

Cloufit: A Passion Project

When they announced the Halloween party and costume contest at work this year, my wheels started turning. I was really excited because Halloween is one of my special interests, but I very rarely have the opportunity to wear a costume outside of my own home. I made this clown costume for our work/employee contest. I … Read more

Coolest Home Made Marvin The Martian Costume!

Coolest Home Made Marvin The Martian Costume!

I’ve wanted to do a Marvin the Martian martian costume for a while and this year I finally made that happen! I started with the head which was an enlarged model of marvin that I modified and 3d printed. I also 3d printed the ray gun and a couple buttons I sewed onto the skirt. … Read more

Coolest DIY Queen of Hearts Costume – “Off With Their Heads!”

Off With Their Heads!- Queen of Hearts at her best

My best costume to date was Ursula, which inspired me to move towards another Disney Villian. I like the size of the Queen of Hearts skirt and decided she would be the perfect villian. I started with a petticoat and then found several skirts from Goodwill which could be pieced together to create the half … Read more