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New and exciting costumes are added all the time to our homemade costume gallery. With so many costumes already on line, this blog will point you to the newest and coolest costumes the moment they’re added!

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  • Creative Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume Idea
    After a recent trip to our local botanical gardens, I was inspired to make a peacock costume. I took my inspiration from the great peacock costumes already on this website, and from the peacock costumes you can buy. I wanted something to make the tail stay up, so I got some foam. I cut it … Read more
  • Coolest Do it Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume
    This Do it Yourself Peacock Halloween Costume was inspired by my daughter, Savannah, who loves peacocks. The dress was a piece of a princess outfit that she had worn a few years before, but everything else is homemade. I purchased two items from the Dollar Store, the angel wings and the hat with a beak … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume
    This Homemade Cannibal Chicken Costume is quite simply a chicken who likes to eat chicken. A cannibal chicken! The Lector mask with the rubber chicken nose attached to it, KFC bucket,(for the Halloween candy), and the chicken leg in hand give it that extra special touch. To make this costume, you need a solid color … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume
    For Halloween a group of us decided on a Homemade Flock of Sheep Group Costume. I mean when else could you have an opportunity to bah at people? So for the costumes we bought white t-shirts, shorts the girls, pants the boys, black tights, white cotton fluff, glue, small bells, black felt, white bandannas, long … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume
    Well to start, I have to thank my friend Kieu who decided to have this Animal themed party. If it wasn’t for her I would have never attempted to make a Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume. I also have to thank my husband Steve who put up with my lack of confidence and hours working on … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Cat Costume
    I went to Cat’s website to get idea to make cat costume and I got an idea for a Homemade Cat Costume. You need black joggings, some fur (like boa), wig, its a hardest part and paint you face. I have a nice cat, so it was easy for me. And of curse, you need … Read more
  • Sexy Peacock Homemade Costume
    After looking online for “sexy” Halloween costumes, I decided that they all looked the same and wanted to be something a bit more creative this year. I looked for peacock costume ideas online, but didn’t really like one in particular, so I decided to just put something together myself and hope it looked okay. I … Read more
  • Pretty Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume
    As soon as I heard my girlfriend was going to have a Halloween costume party, I started my search for the perfect costume. After many hours on the internet, I had found nothing. It was all the same overly priced, cheaply made, extremely revealing costumes-in-a-bag. I wanted to be tastefully sexy, not trashy. I finally … Read more
  • Coolest Blue Turtle Costume
    My daughter had to dress up as her favorite character from a book for literacy week at school. She chose the book “Because a Little Bug Went Kachoo” and wanted to be the turtle. She wanted the turtle to be blue. So for her Blue Turtle costume I took a wire wreath frame and covered … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone Costume
    I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The materials used to make this soft serve ice cream cone costume was a 32gal trash can, hula hoops, card board, burlap, styrofoam, neckerchief, red pipe cleaners, colored straws, white pillow tubing, and stretchy string. Cut the top and bottom of the trash can. Used … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Flamingo Costume
    I made this Homemade Flamingo Costume for a party themed “Lost in the Wild”. I designed the skirt making the base with hooped cardboard and cellophane and elastic waist. Then hot-glued the crepe paper/cellophane feathers on. The beak is made from cardboard stuck on a headband. I got the idea from the film Eagle vs … Read more
  • Original Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume
    This Pretty Peacock Costume was my 2008 costume which I decided I’m going to wear again this year, only elaborate on. It was completed in two days, and was a hit the night I wore it. I began by sewing the bustier from an old pattern. I used a gorgeous peacock blue, and a gold … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Tiger Costume
    I printed off a tiger pattern for my Homemade Tiger Costume, went out and bought orange, yellow, white and black face paint. My sister and I are both artists, so I drew out the design on a small drawing of me and let my sister paint me. The white was sponged on first, then the … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Peacock Costume for a Girl
    I made this Peacock Costume for my daughter Ashley. You start with a basic crushed velvet leotard and sew on approx. 5,000 sequins beads. Then hot glue the feathers in rows you can choose any color feathers you’d like. We ordered real peacock feathers. Take Styrofoam circle and paint it black, and attach Velcro to … Read more
  • Pretty DIY Peacock Halloween Costume for a Girl
    To make this peacock costume, I took a blue dress and ordered some peacock feathers from EBay which was a lot cheaper than going to a local craft shop. I then took a round flat piece of Styrofoam and, using the same fabric color as the dress, covered the Styrofoam and stuck the feathers in … Read more
  • Cute Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume for a Woman
    I found this website about 2 weeks ago and tried to find inspiration for a Halloween costume. The necklace I’m wearing in the photo gave me the inspiration to be a Peacock so I made my own Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume. I took a dry-cleaning hanger – (one with a wire on top and a … Read more
  • Coolest Chicken Toddler Costume
    For my daughter’s first “real” Halloween, she was 13 months old, I made her a Chicken Toddler Costume. It was easy to make and inexpensive. I bought orange pants, which are easy to find around Halloween time. For the body I hot glued a white feather boa to a white onesie. For toddler size one … Read more
  • Coolest Hippo Costume
    I love all the creative costumes on this site! Of all things, my son asked me to make a hippo costume for him last year. I couldn’t convince him to be a ghost. :) When I couldn’t find any hippo patterns, I used a Simplicity BIRD pattern 3663 and modified it to make a hippo … Read more
  • Coolest DIY Peacock Creative Costume Idea
    This DIY Peacock Creative Costume Idea was really a lot fun. I got the inspiration to make a peacock costume from this website. The fan: I bought 30 peacock feathers off of someone on Kijiji. I then fanned the feathers on the floor in the way that I wanted them to look. I used a … Read more
  • Coolest Handmade Peacock Creative Halloween Costume
    I started this Handmade Peacock Creative Halloween Costume with my cousin’s blue prom dress from 1989. It came to my mid-calf and had a two layers on the skirt. On the layer closest to me in the front of the dress, I cut around 10 inches off and bunched it with thread. Then the second … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Peacock DIY Adult Costume Idea
    For Halloween 2010, my husband and I were determined to be something that “lit up.” After throwing out the obvious Christmas tree ideas, we settled on a Homemade Peacock DIY Adult Costume Idea! My super talented mom made our outfits out of blue lamé and green stretchy dance fabric. For the tail I picked out … Read more
  • Coolest DIY Cardinal Bird Kids Halloween Costume
    My son loves the book ‘My Mother is so Smart’ by Tomie dePaola. In the book the boy says, “My mother is so smart she turned me into a bird for Halloween.” When we asked Henry what he wanted to be for Halloween he said he wanted me to turn him into a bird for … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Pretty as a Peacock
    This is Lydia, my 3 year old daughter. She is dressed in a Homemade Pretty as a Peacock costume. The costume is very simple to make and looks adorable. I got a royal blue long sleeved leotard and black tights. I found a handmade feather fan on eBay and pinned that the the back of … Read more
  • Creative Hand-Crafted Peacock Halloween Costume
    I made this Homemade Peacock Halloween Costume for my daughter Payton this year. She is 10 and wanted to something original, so I made her a Peacock. I found some of the supplies at a local used clothing store and the blue, green and purple feathers at the craft store. I also found some sparkly … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Skunk Halloween Costume
    This is a cute and simple Homemade Skunk Halloween Costume to make for your little one. My daughter Madeline, 4, wanted to be a skunk for Halloween. My mother in law is great with costumes and agreed to make the costume for her. Here is the pattern for the costume. You will need the following: … Read more
  • Coolest Lamb / Sheep Costume
    Here is what I used to make this costume: Cotton balls – 350 (2.5 bags – 140 cotton balls in 1 bag) White hooded jacket 1 black felt for ears (white materials for ears from jackets sleeves) 1 -8oz “Fabri-Tac” glue Covers for shoes from sleeves leftovers Shopping – 2h + 2.5h work Good Luck! … Read more
  • Cute Peacock Costume
    It took a long time to design this Peacock costume, but I really liked how it turned out. The hardest part for me was to find the right kind of fabric to make the tube-top dress. I knew I wanted it to be iridescent, so I went to many fabric stores before picking that one … Read more
  • Coolest Bird Costume
    My daughter Emily loves all birds,and asked me to make her a bird costume. I searched home-made bird costumes, and found this site. At first I was overwhelmed at the costumes of all the birds, since they looked so hard to make. I thought about it, and came up with my own idea. I went … Read more
  • Coolest Parrot Halloween Costume
    My boyfriend and I had pirate costumes from a couple years ago, so we figured our 16 month old son would make a fine parrot. I used Simplicity pattern 3605 as a basis for this costume. I made the body and hat for the duck costume out of red poodle fleece and altered the bill … Read more
  • Coolest Owl Halloween Costume
    My daughter tends to have trouble with falling asleep at night. I pondered upon what she would be, when in popped my head the idea of a “night-owl!” It was perfect since she totally is my little night owl. My mother and I went to Michaels and had a blast. We bought 3 different colors … Read more
  • Last Minute Voodoo Doll Costume
    This last-minute Voodoo doll costume was a super easy costume to make and turned out to be a big hit. I bought a roll of burlap and hit glued it to a pair of leggings I already had. The heart and balls on the pins are styrofoam that I painted and used kabob sticks. Basically … Read more
  • Homemade Corpse Bride Costume
    I had already done Sally. I wanted to do the Corpse Bride costume. I already had the technique down for the wig. Full roll of blue yarn and wrap around my arm like winding up a rope. Cut the end by my elbow and then use the middle of all of them as the roots. … Read more
  • Coolest Lion Costume
    Luke is an 8 month old living in Wichita, KS. He has been crawling for 2 months now, and has quite the cute growl…..that was the inspiration for this costume! His mommy made him a lion costume, complete with faux fur body suit, tail and mane. The feet were reinforced with quilting batting to make … Read more
  • Coolest Flamingo Costume
    Firstly for this flamingo costume, I covered a tube top (nylon/spandex blend) in light pink feathers using a mix of fabric glue and super glue (60/40 ratio). I had to do 2 layers to cover the whole shirt well enough to look like a bird. Then, I took a pair of underwear, nylon/spandex blend, and … Read more
  • Coolest Poodle Costume
    Last year my daughter wanted a Pink Poodle Costume. I’ve always made her costumes (she’s 8 now). While in Target I saw these “curly” scarves. And I knew they would be great for the curly fur of the poodle. I bought pink sweatshirt and pants. And a pink knit cap. Made long ears and the … Read more
  • Coolest Parrot Costume
    My oldest daughter (3) wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, so I dressed my younger child (7 months) up as her parrot. Gleaning ideas from the other parrot costumes on this site, I went to work. I began by scouting online auctions for red bunting. I wanted the arms to have optional hand-covers (in … Read more
  • Coolest Awesome Peacock Costume
    My children come up with crazy ideas each year and I have to figure out how to make these ideas come to life. This year was a peacock costume. I do this for them and try not to spend too much money, we use things around the house to build the costume. Every year I … Read more
  • Coolest Duck Costume
    I am a wildlife refuge manager and I made this duck costume for a Halloween event at the Audubon Society of Rhode Island refuges where I work. Wood ducks are one of the most colorful ducks in the world and they have really cool displays and behaviors too, so we chose a wood duck to … Read more
  • Cool Chicken DIY Costume for a Toddler
    I made this chicken costume for my daughter who was 2 at the time. It was made with 2 sweatshirts and lots of feather boas! She won 1st prize at our local costume contest. It was a lot of fun to make and she was stopped everywhere she went. Related costumes: Coolest Homemade Chicken Costumes … Read more
  • Coolest Turtle Costume
    First, my husband wore a long sleeve green shirt and green pants for this turtle costume. He painted his face green. To make the shell we used a thin wire (like for electric fences) and formed a frame for the shell. After the basic frame was made he taped small sections of cardboard in each … Read more
  • Coolest Skunk Costume
    For this skunk costume I used a Skunk pattern found at my local fabric store and altered the pattern by adding the elastic on the cuffs rather then the non slip fabric on the feet (like pajamas). I then attached the tail with Velcro so it could be removed while sitting. Related costumes: Coolest Homemade … Read more
  • Coolest Holstein Cow Costume
    Every year my daughter wants a unique costume of her own. She doesn’t want anyone else to be like her. So I have found that the best way to achieve this is to make one! Here is the Holstein cow costume that she wanted to be last year. Body: I took a white sweatshirt that … Read more
  • Coolest Baby Chicken Costume
    Our daughter had the cutest baby chicken costume ever! I took an onesie and put it inside a one piece turtle neck. I sewed the two garments to each other at the arm holes, leg holes and neck hole. I put lots of batting between the two garments and snapped the crotches closed. I then … Read more
  • Cool Haunted Claw Machine Baby Stroller Costume
    For my daughters first Halloween, she was to little to walk. She was about 8 months old. I figured… I needed an idea that I could build around her stroller. A few boxes later, a lot of hot glue, and borrowed stuffed animals… I had a claw machine. I used the boxes to build it, … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Bat Family Costumes
    I stink at using a sewing machine, first off, so I am pretty proud that I hand sewed these four bat costumes. Although there were nights of wine, tears and frustration, my husband, Ed, was a good sport and my kids, Adelaide and Andrew had a blast.  T he bat costumes were constructed mainly of … Read more
  • Coolest Pumpkin Head in a Jar Costume
    This is my 9 year old son. We used a rolling back pack with the handle being pulled up made the head stand over 6ft tall. We used burlap sacks to make an old looking cloak and then used a clear empty Cheetos bucket to put my son’s head in. We used a light weight … Read more
  • Out-of-this-World Jetson’s Family Costume!
    We had a blast as the Jetson family! It’s rare that the kiddos actually want to participate with dear old mom and dad so when I got the chance, I ran with it! Our costumes were pieced together with traditional clothing and embellished. Jane, Judy, and Elroy’s collars were cut from heavy weight interfacing material … Read more
  • Torn Gut Hanging Zombie Illusion Costume
    This zombie costume was originally created for a zombie walk in the town I live in, Fayetteville, NC. The idea came a year ago when I was trying to think of clever zombie ideas. I wanted to create a zombie like no other that has been seen. Since I am a magician I started thinking of … Read more
  • Really Green Jolly Green Giant Costume
    My Jolly Green Giant costume has leaves that are actually glued to my hair and I’m painted green with green food coloring. So far people seem to really love this costume. It’s fun to do and it’s easy to do and I like doing it . Literally all I did was take apart a fake … Read more
  • The Cutest E.T. Dog and Owner Costume
    I had this idea of doing a costume together with my dog and decided to go with it. I knew I had to make a basket and could not use one as it would be too firm and hurt my dog.   I took measurements of an actual crate and laid out vinyl I have from … Read more
  • Cool Group Costume – The Many Faces of Johnny Depp
    My friends and I decided to do a Johnny Depp theme for a comic con we all attended.  We ended up with Cry Baby, Sweeney Todd, Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands and the Mad Hatter.  For Sweeney Todd we found a shirt, vest and pants at Goodwill. For the apron I sewed together an apron and used some … Read more