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Latest DIY Costumes Just Added to our Halloween Costumes Blog

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New and exciting costumes are added all the time to our homemade costume gallery. With so many costumes already on line, this blog will point you to the newest and coolest costumes the moment they’re added!

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  • Amazing Seven Foot Tall Mighty Megazord Costume
    Both of my brothers are cosplayers. They go to conventions all the time. They said I should join them because it is a lot of fun. I began thinking what would I even dress up as. Then I thought about what I liked. I loved watching the Power Rangers when I was younger. I have … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Cousin Itt Costume for Halloween
    Cousin Itt was always one of my favorite characters in the Addams Family TV series.  I really wanted to do this for Halloween this year and soon discovered the only way to do the costume was to build it myself.  I’m a really short pipsqueak, so figured I could pull it off. Searching high and … Read more
  • Cool Homemade KISS Group Halloween Costume
    My birthday is on October 29th, so Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I am always looking for awesome costume ideas where I can make everything myself. This year, I was searching the Coolest Homemade Costumes site in August, and came across the idea to do a group KISS costume. I pitched … Read more
  • Contest-Winning DIY Haunted House Costume
    Lilly wanted to be a Haunted House. We had an awesome time creating it. With the trial and error of boxes, cardboard, chicken wire, paper mache, and many other props we finally had a great finished costume. We put a lot of detail into it. Using the boxes, chicken wire and paper mache’, we created … Read more
  • Awesome DIY Optical Illusion Costume: Evil Krusty the Clown and Simpsons
    My costume this year has been quite an experience. It took me a couple months to plan, source materials, and build. I’ve worn it to two parties so far with pretty awesome results. Some people were not even aware that it was a costume. I found it very easy to freak people out by staying … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Gnome Riding a Snail Illusion Costume
    This Gnome Riding a Snail Illusion costume looks harder then it really was. All you need is a box and fabric and old clothes and shoes. Take the box and shape it. Make a hole to get in ,cover with fabric, take 2 pool noodles, shape neck and head cover with fabric glue on eyes. Sew … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume
    This is my Queen of Hearts costume created this year for a gala dinner at a crafting weekend away. It is the highlight of the annual weekend away, and I go to a lot of effort – I love Halloween. I spent over 70 hours creating this, using the SIMPLICITY 3782 “Elizabethan Costume” pattern as … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Gloria the Hippo Costume
    I was approached by a friend of a friend of mine, who’s daughter had to be a hippo Gloria from the movie Madagascar for a dance recital. I was stoked! My love to make and create, especially costumes, I have yet to make in previous years. This was a bit of a challenge as it … Read more
  • Unique Castaway Couple Costume
    My boyfriend and I wanted to come up with a really creative and unique couple’s costume that we have never seen before. We started thinking of ideas, but our Castaway Couple Costume idea didn’t form until one day in August. We were flipping through the TV channels, and we stopped on the movie Castaway. Tom Hank’s relationship … Read more
  • Homemade Zombie Zipper Costume That’ll Freak You Out!
    About 15 of us had arranged a Halloween fancy dress night out and I always enjoy making my own outfits so I thought I’d have a go at a zipper face look but as a zombie. The mask is made from liquid latex, tissue paper, cotton wool a little foam and some zips. As I’d … Read more
  • Funny Homemade Prince George and Kate Middleton Illusion Costume
    I had already bought everything for a different costume – then two weeks before the Halloween party, inspiration struck!  I rummaged through my attic to find some old baby clothes and my baby carrier and I was on my way.  The most difficult part was finding shoes and a dress for a 6’1″ 200 lb. … Read more
  • Sweet Homemade Halloween Baby Costume: Little Owl
    I decided to make a costume for my 4 month old daughter’s first Halloween. We live in Wisconsin so I wanted something that would be warm enough to take her outside in but nothing too elaborate that it would be difficult to get her in and out of. She has a small stuffed owl that … Read more
  • Simplest and Cheapest Costume Idea: Giant Head Baby Illusion Costume
    This was probably the simplest and cheapest costume I have ever done. All you need is a black sheet (Wal-Mart $10), a shallow plastic tote (Wal-Mart $7), a baby blanket, beanie, and a doll (Value Village $13). I also used some BBQ skewers that I will explain in a sec. Start by cutting a hole … Read more
  • Prize-Winning Sexy DIY Betty Boop Costume
    One of my very favorite cartoon characters happens to be Betty Boop! I have made many homemade Halloween costumes through out the years, But none of them compare to Betty. I’ve learned at a very young age in Spanish class to do paper-mache, which gave me the idea to create my Halloween costumes. I don’t have … Read more
  • Original DIY Costume Idea for a Boy: Captain of the Titanic
    When I asked my six year old son, Ethan, what he wanted to be for Halloween this year, it came as no surprise when he confidently responded “the captain of a cruise ship – the Titanic!”.  You see has has been obsessed (to put it mildly) with ocean liners ever since he saw the movie … Read more
  • Cutest and Easiest Homemade Minion Costume for All Ages
    Minions are so cute! Easy cheap costume idea for all ages!  Yellow hat, socks, shirt, navy blue leggings and apron and black gloves. For the hat I used pipe cleaners and stuck them right through the top! Made the Gru decal on the apron out of felt. The goggles were a little tricky! Purchase cheap glasses from any Dollar … Read more
  • Coolest, Most Realistic Green Plastic Army Men Costumes
    I talked my husband into being a plastic green army man for Halloween with me. I told him that I’d take care of making it and he wouldn’t have to worry about it. So I went through a lot of trial and error. First Attempt: I bought rain suits from Home Depot to get the … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Transformer Costume – AKA Wrangler!
    This Transformer costume idea was rolling around in my head since ever since my sister bought a used power wheels jeep at a garage sale for my nephew.  The basic idea was to cut apart a power wheels jeep (I bought my own, I promise, and used everything I could from it to to build … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Firetruck Costume for a Toddler
    This year for Halloween I asked my almost 3 year old what he wanted to be for Halloween, and due to his obsession with firetrucks of course he said a firetruck. So I Googled images of firetruck costumes after looking at various other costumes I thought to myself, it cant be that difficult. So to … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Carnage (Spiderman Villain) Costume
    My son is a huge Spiderman fan and asked if I could make him a “Carnage” costume. If you are not a comic person… Carnage is the offspring of “Venom” (seen in Spiderman 3). Venom is a symbiote 1/2 alien that merges with a human host. In the comic series, a piece of the alien disconnected from … Read more
  • Coolest DIY Grim Reaper Costume: Free Hugs from Death
    The scythe is actual plasma cut metal, with a plastic skull. The wings actually articulate up and down with the help of a switch in the sleeve, which controls a power window motor and pulley system on the back and wings. Cheap clothing materials from local stores torn and shredded sewn and stapled onto costume. The … Read more
  • Coolest Carl the Minion Costume for a Toddler
    As the Dad I am more than happy to buy a costume from the store just hours prior to trick-or-treating.  However, my spouse loves making a Halloween costume more than opening presents on Christmas.  Last year we set the bar pretty high and won a costume contest as the family in Brave.  This year we … Read more
  • Cool Wordplay Costume: Do the Harlem Shake!
    I’m a Halloween nut. Last year I spent weeks sewing a Honey Boo Boo pageant dress and, despite much protest on my part, ended up wearing it to work and winning a prize! After years of stressful Octobers with a lack of sleep crafting costumes for myself and friends, preparing for parties, and decorating the … Read more
  • Cool Homemade “Shark Week” Group Costume
    These costumes were epic!  The best we have ever done. We won overall best costume at one of the costume contests in West Des Moines, IA. When other people are asking to take pictures with you, then you know you did good!! I was sitting on the couch watching TV one day, and saw previews … Read more
  • Cool Dog and Owner Couple Costume: Lion Tamer and Her Ferocious Lion!
    My sweet puggle was the inspiration for my costume this year. The circus came to town and my twin, six-year old nieces couldn’t stop talking about the smelly lion. They also refer to my puggle as stinky cheese-ball. The two ideas came to my husband and we couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of my … Read more
  • Baby Bump’s First Costume: Pot o’ Gold at the End of the Rainbow!
    In early September I was Googling maternity costumes without much luck. I saw plenty of zombie baby parts affixed to bloodied t-shirts and wasn’t feeling it. There were also myriad pictures of women with their cute little bellies painted like the Earth or a basketball or a fishbowl, but these days I’m not really feeling … Read more
  • Awesome Family of Six Alice in Wonderland Group Costume
    As a family of 6 who all love Halloween, I typically begin planning our Halloween costumes a year before Halloween and begin gathering items around August. We have been the Wizard of Oz  characters, Scooby Do characters, Disney characters, insects, and the Peter Pan cast. We have always wanted to do Alice in Wonderland, but … Read more
  • Awesome and Topical Costume – Victorian Someecard
    Every year I go to a competitive Halloween Party and over time, coming up with new ideas have gotten more and more difficult.  This year, I thought of the most amazing costume and dressed up as a Someecard.  You know, those images you see on Facebook where an image like a Victorian lady or 80’s … Read more
  • Cool Cackling Hens DIY Couple Costume
    When my friend and I go out on the town we are accused of sounding like cackling hens, so that’s what we decided to go as for Halloween this year.  We searched garage sales for items to make our costumes. We used painter disposable suits and glued feather boas to them. We found Mohawk wigs … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Couple Costume Idea: Garfield and Jon Arbuckle
    Much of our shopping for supplies took place at thrift stores. We shopped around at a few locations to find the correct colors for Jon’s pants and shirts, and the orange Garfield hoodie. Garfield’s skirt and tights were purchased new to match the color of the hoodie. A photocopier and fabric paint were used to … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Oola the Twi’lek Costume from Return of the Jedi
    I have always loved the original Star Wars trilogy. But as a woman, if you wanted to dress as someone from the movies, you were generally stuck with two options: Princess Leia in regular clothes or Princess Leia in slace gear. Not my thing. I decided to try making a costume of Oola the Twi’lek … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Lobster Zone Claw Machine Costume
    I work in a bar/restaurant and the bar has a game called Lobster Zone. It’s a claw machine, but instead of trying to win a stuffed animal, you try to win a real live lobster, and if you succeed the kitchen will cook it for you. Patrons of the bar go nuts over this tank, … Read more
  • Awesome Homemade Couple Costume: Firebirds from The Labyrinth!
    I created Firebirds for Halloween 2013. I got the idea from the movie The Labyrinth. My husband (Tim) is the male bird, and I (Shellaina) am the female bird. I pieced these costumes together myself. I started with red body suits as a base. I then sewed together my red and yellow body suit that … Read more
  • Cool Last-Minute Toddler Costume: Flying Monkey from Wizard of Oz
    I’ve learned from years prior that I have to “warm” the kids up to my ideas for their costumes.  So for my Noah’s costume we watched the Wizard of Oz and got him excited to portray one of the characters. But rather than dressing as a Tin Man or a Lollipop Guild character, we went … Read more
  • My Costume From Dream to Reality: I am Master Chief!
    How do you write how-to directions for a 1 year build process?  Well, you really don’t. The first step is making the commitment that no matter what, you will put in the work to do the process the right way, and not just rush to finish by a certain deadline. I missed Halloween last year … Read more
  • Fun and Easy Casino Slot Machine Costume
    This flashy casino slot machine was a blast to put together. I was looking for something fun and unique that would catch everyone’s attention, and so it did. All you have to do is get a large box that and cut out the top and bottom for you to stand in. Spray the box with … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Transformers Costume Made of Recycled Materials
    This Transformer costume is made up of a cut up power wheels jeep,various plastic shapes,about 5 cans of spray paint, light reflectors, and all mounted and epoxied on hockey equipment. The helmet is a second hand bumble bee mask towered with various plastic containers and cardboard bits, some bottle caps. I made it out of … Read more
  • Scary Scarecrow Costume
    Okay, so I am a huge fan of Halloween. I consider myself to be a Halloween enthusiast, lol! With the success of my homemade mummy costume last year, I committed to making my own Halloween costumes from now on.  This year, I came up with a “Scary Scarecrow” costume concept. I want to keep the … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Power Rangers Costume: All Hail Lord Zedd!
    Growing up as a kid I would sit down on the floor with my action figures and watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with my brother. Ever since I saw the episode The Mutiny and Lord Zedd came up on screen I was instantly fascinated with the character. I always wanted to be Zedd for Halloween, … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Costume from Spaceballs: Dark Helmet
    As a huge Mel Brooks fan, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite movies: Spaceballs. It was time consuming, but pulled it off. I went to Menards to get a giant planter when I found the laundry bin. I then needed to get the safety mask and some black spray paint. I … Read more
  • Glowing Mrs. Captain America Costume – Light of the Party!
    This is me in my Mrs Captain America costume. I was inspired by the Avengers this year and liked the possibility of growing this into a group costume at some point. I did start with a pre-made dress, mask and shield for Mrs Captain America but it definitely needed more pizazz! I’ve recently fell in … Read more
  • Realistic Decapitated Bride Costume
    This is my costume I home made this year! I wanted something visually stunning that would make people do double takes and wonder how I pulled it off. So the decapitated bride was my choice! I started making this costume by putting a long sleeve shirt inside of the upper portion of the dress. I … Read more
  • Original Homemade Costume Idea: Ammonite King
    This Ammonite King costume began as four sheets of window display poster board backing. I glued with adhesive spray poster board and cut desired shape. Then duct taped seams. I used cotton balls and glue to make ridges on the shell. I painted design and sprayed with clear coat. I added stone spray paint to add texture … Read more
  • The Most Fabulous Rain Cloud Costume for a Girl
    My daughter Katie and I were inspired to make this rain cloud costume by a Russian doll that we found on Pintrest while searching for Halloween costume ideas. She wanted a a one of a kind costume and this was it. I was happy to oblige since it was something we could do together, just … Read more
  • Uber-Cool Peter Pan’s Shadow Costume
    Here is my 9 year old son dressed up as the spectacularly awesome Shadow of Peter Pan. Full disclosure- this costume is only semi-homemade since it does include a morph suit, but nonetheless it was still an original idea and if I may say so, totally kick-ass!  He had been asking for a morph suit … Read more
  • Last-Minute Original Chia Head Costume
    I have always wanted my kids to do this Chia head costume for Halloween and they never would. My office had a Halloween party and I was going as a witch and at the last minute I said “I’m doing it!’” So I ran to Hobby Lobby and bought a shrub, a hot glue gun and a … Read more
  • Make an Awesome Homemade Purple Minion Costume
    First let me say that I have spent years looking at this site just because it is so FUN!  When I was pregnant I remember looking for just the right costume. Never in a million years did I think I would be entering one of my own costumes here. This is my first year making a costume … Read more
  • Coolest Little Despicable Me Minion Costume for a Boy
    After seeing Despicable Me 1 and 2 it was clearly obvious my 4 year old had his mind set on being a Minion for this coming Halloween. All of his little friends are being Minions and he wanted no different. I looked at all the online costumes and although he has the goggles and all … Read more
  • Original Costume Idea for a Toddler: EYE of NEWT Magic Potion Bottle Costume
    I was trying to think up an original idea for a toddler costume this year. After looking around my house for inspiration, I came up with the idea of making a magic potion bottle. I wanted the costume to be lightweight and comfortable.  I considered cardboard and paper mache, but our toddler is kind of … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Barf Costume for a Toddler (from Spaceballs)
    Who doesn’t love the classic Spaceballs! I thought it would be a great idea for this years costume for my 2 year old son. I made his head piece out of some left over fur I had from many Halloweens ago. I added some darker brown fur to the inside of the ears and made … Read more
  • Creepy Ventriloquist Doll Costumes
    I make my kids their costumes every year. This year’s theme was something creepy and they decided on dolls and I got to thinking Ventriloquists!! They loved the idea and I went with it. They were both pretty easy. For her dress I used black and white gingham fabric and some lace and a big … Read more