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Latest DIY Costumes Just Added to our Halloween Costumes Blog

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New and exciting costumes are added all the time to our homemade costume gallery. With so many costumes already on line, this blog will point you to the newest and coolest costumes the moment they’re added!

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  • Last-Minute Prize Winning Costume that Cost Nothing: Funny DIY Jelly Belly Costume
    It was October 29th. Me and my daughter were trying to make a homemade costume for a costume party. A peacock costume? No feathers I said. A cowgirl? No hat. A witch? No broom. We just couldn’t find any homemade costume around the house. So then we gathered all the possible things around the house. … Read more
  • Spicy Homemade Costume Idea: Super Hot Sauce Man from Tapatio
    I love food. I love my Mexican-American heritage. But above all, I love humor.  In keeping with my theme of modeling my yearly Halloween costume after an inanimate object, Ipod and a piece a sushi to name a few, I had been searching for a good idea. Then, late last month while in the lunch … Read more
  • Sweet Homemade Costume for a Baby: Little Baby Grape
    I wanted to make an adorable and funny costume for my daughter’s first Halloween. And I had some time on my hands being at home and all.  You know, back when it’s your first child, and an easy child at that!  I decided on a grape costume.  I bought a big soft purple blanket for 5$ … Read more
  • Coolest No-Sew Coffee Costume (Was a Hit Everywhere we Went!)
    So my 4 year old decided he wanted to be coffee, coffee, really what the heck crazy kid. So after scowering the internet I found some ideas but none that I really liked, bought  or wearable for a kid so I got to thinking. We went to Joann’s fabric, bought some light brown fabric, some … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Life-Sized Gumball Machine Costume
    I decided early I wanted to be a Bubblegum machine, life sized. I’m a bit of a perfectionist and kept adding, and adding. For the head I papermached a giant balloon, cut holes into it and hot glued pom pom balls on it.  I originally started with bingo dabbers but it was not cutting it. … Read more
  • Fun DIY Costume by a Kindergarten Teacher: David from “No, David!” Children’s Book
    Every year our school has a book character parade. I teach kindergarten so I am always looking for a costume that my kids can relate to. My assistant and I try to always pick characters that the two of us can do together. Last year we decided to recreate the David character in the collection … Read more
  • Unique Costume Idea for a Woman: Morton Salt Girl
    I really wanted to break away from the traditional Halloween costumes and do something different. I decided I wanted to be the little girl on the salt container. I knew if I really worked at it everyone would get it! Step 1: Secured Umbrella via online auction site Step 2: Visited Chinatown for some cheap … Read more
  • Easy and Cheap Homemade Costume Idea: Pedestrian Crossing
    There is one of these pedestrian crossing signs right outside of my work parking lot that I pass every day. On the way home I was trying to think of something different to be and I saw that sign! This wasn’t too bad to make. First Step: Outfit – black shoes, black pants, long sleeve black … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Yoda and Rebel Pilot Couple Costume
    My husband is a HUGE Star wars fan so I allowed him to pick our Halloween costumes this year and low and behold, he chose Star Wars! He wanted to do original Star Wars film characters, and of course he wanted me to be Princess Leia. However, I am pretty ambitious with my Halloween costumes … Read more
  • Hilarious Homemade Bag of Weed Costume!
    We were three, and did this homemade bag of weed costume with dried weeds for cows, plastics for painters and tape. We first took the dimensions needed for each of us, and began cutting the plastics. It was not easy to do this in a little old caravan, while other friends were partying right in … Read more
  • Super-Fun Homemade Movie Costume: Hit Girl from the movie Kicka$$
    I adored the little girl in the movie Kicka$$ and wanted to replicate that costume. I also tend to pick more cute and girlie costumes for Halloween so I was excited to be a tough chick with a knife. I am pretty sure that a year later they started selling this costume in a box, … Read more
  • Original Two-Faced Black Swan Costume
    Originally, I just wanted to do the black swan, and wondered how I could set it apart from other black swan costumes…I wanted to show both sides, and make it really cool looking.  My favorite part about the whole costume is the one red contact.  It just gives the look that edge. Materials: Black night … Read more
  • Homemade Thorin Oakenshield Costume: Is it Male or Female? You Decide!
    First off as the title says is Thorin a male or female, of course he’s a male but when worn by me it makes people take a double look every time. I made Thorin Oakenshield from the movie The Hobbit. A group of friends and I all got together to come up with our group … Read more
  • Sexy Badass Femme Ironman Costume
    After a several months of deliberation I decided to be Ironman, ehh… Ironwoman… Ironlady… Lady Ironman?  …ok whatever, you get the idea!  I figured now would be a good time, since the third Ironman movie came out this year.  My version is a mix of the comic with the movie version and just my own … Read more
  • Scary White Rabbit Costume Made from Scratch
    This here is Leon, the albino rabbit. Tons of work went into this costume, and I overcame many difficulties with my first full head-covering mask. Making the jaw move as I talk was tricky, but the mouth moves well. Even with all the hardships, I love this costume even still. It’s just so fun to … Read more
  • Awesome DIY Headless Marie Antoinette Costume
    Here’s the story behind my headless Marie Antoinette costume. Every Halloween my neighborhood hosts an adults only Halloween party with cash prizes for the best Halloween costumes. I had won the contest in 2020 and knew if I wanted to win back to back years I would have to really step up my game! I … Read more
  • Sexy and Fun Homemade Costume Idea: One Night Stand!
    Oh dear, I really didn’t know how this was all going to work out, but after going to many thrift stores, finding  the right lamp shade, broken alarm clock, and the perfect doli then off to home depot, I was able to be the perfect 1 night stand, you will see in the pictures, a … Read more
  • Halo 4 Warrior Costume for 9-Year-Old Boy Entirely Scratchbuilt!
    My son, Lukas, likes to play video game Halo.  So it was easy for me to pick Halo for his costume. The helmet started with paper craft, pepakura. The helmet is then hardened with resin and bondo. The helmet is then finished with motorcycle visor. The rest of the costume is done using EVA foam, … Read more
  • Halo 4 Master Chief Costume for 12-Year Old Boy Completely Scratchbuilt!
    My son, Ethan, who is 12 likes to play Halo video game.  So it was easy to use Halo as the costume.  The entire costume is scratch build using paper and foam. The helmet started with paper craft, pepakura. The helmet is then hardened with resin and bondo. The helmet is then finished with motorcycle … Read more
  • Awesome Bee Flower Wheelchair Car Costume
    Here is a flower car made out of cardboard and decorated with close to 200 paper crepe flowers around a wheelchair.  Each flower was hand made and took about a week to make all the flowers. This was a blast to make and took some time but worth it and fun showing it off at several Halloween events. … Read more
  • Original PTSD Pinata Costume Idea for a Woman
    “Those kids…they were vicious, man. ” This was the result of a very well-thought out, prepared costume, the abuse it endured, and the glorious creation that was born out of its crumpled remains. I had seen cute homemade pinata-dress costumes online, so I decided to give it a try for Halloween last year. The materials … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Costume for a Girl: A Very Determined Little Chip
    Last summer I found some really great fabric on an incredible sale.  It was just the right color to make a “Belle” costume from Beauty and the Beast for Halloween.  This is my two-year old daughter’s favorite princess movie, so I figured it would be an easy sell, and then we could use the dress … Read more
  • Prize-Winning Walking Skeleton in Coffin DIY Costume
    This is Michael in 2nd grade, he was 7 yrs. old at the time. We gathered cardboard and I cut and shaped it to his size using the ideal  of an old fashioned coffin. Once all the pieces of the coffin were cut, they were painted black.  1  can of black spray paint and clear 2′ cellophane tape to … Read more
  • Captured by Frankenstein Caged Illusion Homemade Costume Idea
    This costume was so much fun to make and pretty easy too. All I did was, I bought a Styrofoam head from the local costume shop as well as the Frankenstein mask and green hands. I went to our local thrift shop and bought a small man’s suit in black. I then went to Home … Read more
  • Adorable “I Love Lucy” Homemade Costume for a Toddler!
    Well, I wanted to do something original for my 2 year old daughter for Halloween! She already has naturally curly hair so I started thinking of a character who had curly hair. I’ve always loved the TV show “I Love Lucy ” so I thought I would attempt to make a costume. I got to … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Hawk Girl Costume
    My daughter Linda wants to be Hawk Girl this year so I started brainstorming as to how I was going to do this. I used pictures as reference and started immediately on the helmet. The helmet is finally done. Was a trick to put it together, looks good but it was a monstrosity to put … Read more
  • Sweetest Toddler Cupcake Costume – No Sew and Budget Friendly!
    The inspiration for this Cupcake costume came from my 2 year old daughter, Vivian. Vivian loves everything about cupcakes: helping Mommy make them, decorating them, and especially eating them! When Halloween came along I thought a cupcake would be a perfect costume for her. This is how I made this costume. First, I gathered the needed … Read more
  • Funny Homemade Illusion Costume: Alien Baby Abductor
    This Alien Baby Abductor costume is super easy to make and really has an awesome optical illusion effect.  We used an alien mask (full head type), a black grim reaper gown, baby onsie pj’s, baby bonnet, backpack, foam ball, gloves and PVC pipe — that’s it. The costume actually took a few hours to put together. … Read more
  • Homemade King Candy and Princess Lolly Costumes for our Pet Dogs
    The game of Candyland has come to life. Gryphon is King Kandy, standing in front of his special Candy Castle. Phoenix is Princess Lolly, living happily in the Lollipop Woods.  The pair are standing on the Candyland game board, all ready for the game to begin! We decided to choose Candyland costumes because we’ve always … Read more
  • 8 Cool DIY Chicken Costumes
    We called this experience “when good chicken costumes go bad”! In all actuality it was really cute and my daughter was the hit of the evening. I just sewed a white boa on an onesy and a hat and used felt for the comb on top and the cut-outs velcroed to her sneakers. Definitely a … Read more
  • 80’s-Inspired DIY Gumball Machine Costume Idea for a Girl
    I was inspired by the costumes from when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s.  I remember the kids not really looking like a gumball.  Just a clear garbage bag of blown up balloons, so I decided to take it up a notch.  I’m also a professional balloon artist (no, not the kind … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Costume Ideas
    My Godson has a Dr. Seuss themed bedroom so I told his mom I would make him the Cat in the Hat costume for Halloween. Making the costume was simple: I purchased red and white felt and cut it into strips which became the crown of the hat. I then cut out a circle for … Read more
  • Easy Do-it-Yourself Lady Bug Costume Ideas
    My daughter’s lady bug costume is store-bought, but the baby’s costume is homemade. It’s a felt bodysuit, with studs at the bottom for easy removal and nappy changing! The front is made from black felt, and the arms, hood and back from red felt, with big, black felt circles sewn on. The hood is attached … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Punny Tiger Woods Costume
    This was my interpretation of Tiger Woods. The Tree or woods part of the costume was made from a trip to the thrift store to pick up a few fall colored shirts and a huge brown hoodie. I cut out oak leaves from the shirts and glued them to the hoodie. The next step was … Read more
  • Coolest DIY Peas in a Pod Costume for a Baby
    This “Peas in a Pod” costume was made for my son’s first Halloween. This is the best Halloween costume I’ve made. Since he was an infant and not mobile yet, I needed something that would look cute with him just lying there. The costume was quite simple to make. I first bought a white sleeper … Read more
  • Cool and Creepy Homemade Zombie Costumes
    This is my son Kyjel who is eight years old. I got this idea for a Zombie from the internet. He won first prize for the scariest costume in our village Halloween party 2007. The black suit with hood is made by a friend. it was just a recycled black dress from his brother’s costume … Read more
  • 12 Coolest Homemade Parrot Costume Ideas
    I got the idea for a parrot costume from other parrot costumes on this page. My baby eats everything within reach, so (although it was adorable!) using real feathers from a feather boa was not an option. I started by buying three colors of felt for the feathers, red, green and yellow along with a … Read more
  • Most Awesome Homemade Pinata Costume Ever!
    Every year, I ‘m challenged with what my kids will be for Halloween. Being a stay at home mom to 4 kids is very expensive when you ‘re faced with store bought costumes.  So I figured why not make them like we used to in the 80’s?  I try to find project costumes that won … Read more
  • Cool DIY Officer Costumes and Easy to Make Halloween Costumes
    I was searching for easy to make Halloween costumes and found this. I used painters tape and newspaper on the motorcycle and then sprayed it with Krylon spray paint and then used acrylic paint and various size brushes to hand paint the details. I then sealed the paint with acrylic sealer. I used stickers for … Read more
  • Cool Airplane Costumes and Lots of Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas
    My son was 2 years old and a HUGE airplane fan. I (his dad) was never into Halloween as a kid so coming up with homemade Halloween costume ideas was new to me. It was his first costume that wasn’t store bought and he was only two so we knew his expectations wouldn’t be high … Read more
  • Cool DIY Traffic Light Costumes and Childrens Halloween Costumes
    My son wanted at first to be a red light. So I decided to search the Web for childrens Halloween costumes and we would make a Stop light. I used a box that Styrofoam cups came in as the basis for this costume and then spray painted it yellow. I glued two vinyl car floor … Read more
  • Coolest Homemade Monster Truck Costume Ideas and Photos
    This costume came about because my son Tristan wanted to be a monster truck for Halloween. I actually tried to talk him out of it because how do you make a monster truck and we only had one week left until Halloween. Then I found this box, it was perfect. So my husband and I, … Read more
  • Cool Road Costume and Lots of Easy to Make Halloween Costume Ideas
    My son wanted to be a road last year so I set out to search for easy to make Halloween costume ideas. We picked up a “gray” jogging suit for $10.00 and he picked out the “cars” needed. My hubby got out the yellow electric tape and I hot glued the cars and reflectors all … Read more
  • Coolest Rocker Home Made Halloween Costume Ideas
    Home made Halloween costume idea for year olds are usually pretty limited and can be expensive. I wanted something that was original (not the same old pumpkin baby chili pepper baby etc.) and reasonable. I made this one up and it was a huge hit. You know it’s a great costume when other kids’ parents … Read more
  • Funny DIY Hobo Costumes and Easy Halloween Costume Ideas
    I started this easy Halloween costume idea by going to Good Will and doing some shopping. I found an old flannel jacket that was about a size to small, so the sleeves were short. Then I found a pair of work boots that were worn and a pair of overalls. At the time my son … Read more
  • Cool Soccer Ball Childrens Halloween Costume Ideas
    I had been trying to think of some original childrens Halloween costume this year. I had bought several 3ft. balls for my son that were like blow up beach balls on the inside and had a cloth cover over the outside. I paid $2.00 for each. We choose to use the soccer ball. On several … Read more
  • Cool Homemade NASCAR Costume Ideas
    I was searching for NASCAR costume ideas and this is what I came up with. My dad is a big Jeff Gordon fan so when my son was born he dressed up one of those little tyke cars with the NASCAR decals. Jack was nine months at Halloween and not quite walking. I thought using … Read more
  • Cool Homemade Rocket Costumes and Lots of Childrens Costumes
    My son asked to be a spaceship, so I got inspiration from clipart of a vintage rocket ship. I thought it would be one of the cutest childrens costumes ideas to have my son’s head peeking through the “window”. I discovered that, once I figured out how to work everything, this turned out to be … Read more
  • Cool Toothpaste Costumes and Many Cheap and Easy Costume Ideas
    I made this toothpaste costume for one of my three kids. For the toothpaste I bought about two meters of green satiny material from Wal-Mart. I then traced my daughter’s outline onto it and cut it out. I sewed the two pieces together. I made it roomy so that she could wear a winter coat … Read more
  • Cool DIY Flip Flop Costumes and Lots of Homemade Party Costume Ideas
    My daughters had found some smiley face material at the store. They were trying to figure out how to make a party costume out of this adorable material when they realized they had a pair of flip flops with smiley faces on them. Thus the idea was born. My girls then found a flip flop … Read more
  • Last-Minute DIY Toddler Costume: USA Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Gabby Douglas
    I came up with this idea like a week before Halloween . My 1 year old already had  a store bought costume but that’s not really my thing! Sooooo, I found a white long sleeve onsie she already had and grabbed some red white and blue felt from the craft store. I got the gold medals … Read more