Cool DIY Ursula The Sea Witch Halloween Costume

Ursula The Sea Witch

We had a very last minute Halloween costume contest a work a few years back so I threw together this Ursula costume the evening before with random things I had lying around the house. It took me a few hours to pull together but I was pleasantly surprised with the end result. I even ended … Read more

Frida and Victor: A Doggone Artistic Duo

"Victor" Van Gogh

Upon rescuing our Schnauzer mix, we were instantly captivated by her bushy eyebrows, leading us to name her Frida. With this effortless, primarily homemade costume, she truly embodies her namesake. Embroidered blouses being a prominent trend this year, it served as the inspiration for this costume. The top was sourced from Target, and the headband … Read more

Orkin Man and Baby Mouse in Trap Costumes

Orkin Man and Baby Mouse in Trap Costumes

This costume is super easy to make. We had pretty much everything we need with the exception of the mouse costume which we purchased on Amazon for around 25 bucks. The wagon which the baby is sitting in we already had we just got a box big enough to cover the wagon. Printer out the … Read more

Easy Last-Minute Costco Sample Person Costume

Costco Sample Person

Our family so appreciates those Costco Sample People. As soon as we thought of the idea our son said YES!! What an honor of being the newest member of the team. Costco employees gave our boy the Costco badge and it took no time to throw together a couple supplies from hobby lobby!

Transforming a Five-Year-Old into Edward Scissorhands: A DIY Costume

Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands DIY Costume for 5 year old

Our family is a year-round fan of Tim Burton’s movies, so when my five-year-old expressed his desire to be Edward Scissorhands for Halloween, I was initially unsure how to pull it off. However, we managed to create a fitting and impressive costume using readily available materials, proving that a DIY approach can be just as … Read more

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

What 10yr old doesn’t dream of becoming a corporate mascot? Well this one does. 10 year old Roosevelt is obsessed with brands and wanted to be the Bic Pen logo! He evened built the costume from the giant pen to the dome for his head- cutting and shaping chicken wire. It’s not that he loves … Read more

Cool Last-Minute Day of the Dead Costume

Coco movie in real life

Everything in this Day of the Dead outfit was thrifted. The hat was made by glueing day of the dead skulls, bones, and painting the hat black. His face was painted with face paint with a detailed day of the dead sugar skull inspiration design.

Uplifting Ghostbusters Logo Costume for Cancer Patient

Uplifting Ghostbuster Logo Costume for Cancer Patient

I was recently diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and while having many tests, a surgery and treatment meetings with radiation and chemo doctors, I was waiting for my chemo start date and trying to take my mind off what was one of the most terrifying times in my life. My mom and step-dad had come out … Read more

The Best Wendy and Dave Couple Costume

The best Wendy and Dave!

We decided on this Wendy and Dave couple costume last minute while we were eating fast food. I have the dress from an old Dorothy costume from high school. I did get the tights and apron on the Internet. I literally put coat hangers in my hair and just spray painted it. For Dave, we … Read more

D.I.Y. McDonald’s Hamburglar Costume

D.I.Y. McDonald's Hamburglar Costume

This costume took me 4 days to create for a Halloween event at my job. The only two things that I bought brand new was the prison suit and wig. Everything else I borrowed or already had at home. The cape was created from used graduation gowns I bought from a thrift store. Overall costs … Read more

Easy DIY Punny Butter Fingers Costume

Easy DIY Punny Butter Fingers Costume

I love punny costumes! I wanted fake sticks of butter on my fingers and saved and cleaned butter wrappers. Then I formed 3 rectangular boxes out of the butter boxes and other cardboard on hand. Cover the boxes in light yellow paper then wrap the covered boxes in the butter wrappers. Leave one end of … Read more