Last Minute Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Crazy Cat Lady

When my daughter said she wanted to be a “Crazy Cat Lady” I didn’t know what she meant. But she was a nine year old girl with a plan. To say this girl loves cats is an understatement! If she is at a loss for words she “Meows”. The look on her face in this … Read more

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

I made this four of a kind cards group costume during my freshman year of college at Michigan State University. For Halloween my roommates and I decided we didn’t want to go out in the typical store bought costume, we wanted to make our own! Since there were 4 of us, we had the idea of … Read more

The Cutest DIY Pennywise Costume You Will Ever See

The cutest pennywise costume you will ever see

This is by far the most fun I have ever had making a costume! My daughter is about to turn 3 soon and loves everything Halloween! So this year since she is really into it I figured we could have lots of fun with her costume! The new IT move came out not long ago and … Read more

Coolest DIY Drop Dead Fred Costume Made in 18 Hours!

Drop Dead Fred Costume

My daughter changed her mind last minute and I had 18 hours to get her a Drop Dead Fred costume together. To those not familiar, Drop Dead Fred is a character from a 90’s movie about an imaginary friend who is completely out of control. My daughter is obsessed with the movie. I started my … Read more

Easy DIY Dust Bunny Costume


This was a fun play on words costume that was super simple. I bought a large gray sweater from the thrift store, bought some bunny ears online and a bag of cobwebs. Then I just wrapped myself in the cobwebs. For some extra dust I sprayed some silver hair color and found some dryer lint … Read more

Adorable DIY Madea Halloween Costume for a Toddler

My 14 month old daughter is wearing this costume. My mom use to dress me up as a little old lady when I was younger so I wanted to continue the tradition. I grabbed my moms shirt, my grandmother’s wig and pearls, some old toddler glasses and removed the lenses and some stuffing for her … Read more

Coolest Giant Homemade Cactus Costume

homemade cactus costume

Last year, I moved to the Southwest, and wanted to celebrate with something southwest themed. Roadrunner? Cotote? Chile pepper? Nope… I went with an 8-foot tall giant saguaro cactus. The entire homemade cactus costume was made in about 4 hours, using chicken wire and Green duct tape, plus a little weather stripping and green pipe … Read more

Cool Homemade Meloetta Costume From Pokemon


My daughter came to me with a cartoon picture Meloetta and said that she wanted to be THIS for Halloween. We bought a simple black dress from Target (which she could reuse) and pinned up one side to achieve the asymmetrical look. She wore white tights and black shoes. We bought a bright green wig … Read more

Adorably Hilarious Homemade Toddler Old Lady Costume

toddler old lady costume

This toddler old lady costume was inspired by my mom (my daughter’s Grammy). It was her idea and although I thought it was lame at first, the idea stuck so we decided to give it a try. The supplies included a dress from Value Village, bag of cotton balls, sock nylons, sunglasses, necklace, sequin, hot … Read more

Punniest Homemade Funny Couple Costume Ideas

funny couple costume ideas

My fiancee and I love doing fun, punny costumes, so this seemed like a no-brainer for us. These funny couple costume ideas were Han Solo Cups and Princess Lei-a. Han Solo Cups Costume For Han Solo Cups, I did a lot of brainstorming on how I was going to combine the two ideas in a … Read more

Easy Last Minute It’s Raining Men Costume

So every year I do a theme party for Halloween. This year, the theme was “Name that Tune”. It was a super fun theme, but as usual, getting ready for the party didn’t leave a lot of time to finish my costume! I decided to do “It’s Raining Men” because it was fairly easy to … Read more

Punny Homemade Scrambled Eggs Costume

Scrambled Eggs!

I love Punny Costumes! (See my previous submission of Punniest Homemade EyePad). My husband thinks I’m crazy for making punny costumes and he just shakes his head like I’m a hopeless cause. It’s true! I’m a sucker for play-on-words types of costumes. The key to a good punny costume is that it is DIY and … Read more

Adorably Evil Joker Costume


We bought a medium scrub top to make the nurse dress, printed out a vote for Dent sticker for the uniform, and used makeup and green hairspray. This costume is easy to do and made him one cool Joker. Our son wanted to be Joker and it went along with his brother’s costumes, his little … Read more

Simple DIY We Can Do It Poster Costume

"We can do it!"

My hard working mother wanted to dress up as an inspirational image. What more than to show the hard working morale of women, “We can do it”. We came up with just simply making a poster with the “We can do it” letters and attaching shoelaces to use it as a backpack. Using simple clothes … Read more

Cool DIY Monopoly Car Costume

monopoly car costume

Wearing The Monopoly Car Costume Here I am as the Uncle Pennybags costume, and my car (the Coopie monster) in the Monopoly Car costume. Monopoly Car Costume Inspiration This year I had the unique chance to hand out candy to trick or treaters.  Instead of your average “knock on doors” technique most kids follow, I Joined the … Read more

Hilarious Lost Kitty Costume

Lost kitty

Here’s my Lost Kitty Costume – I love a good costume that you can buy from Goodwill! I purchased a nightgown, robe and cane from Goodwill. To give my backside some shape, I took some pantyhose and stuffed them. I tied the legs off and used them to tie around my waist and made myself a very … Read more

Cool Ghost Busters Symbol Costume

Cool Ghost Busters Symbol Costume

I Made this Ghost busters ‘no-ghost’ symbol costume 5 years ago for my son. We first purchased a cheep dollar store hula hoop. Then we cut out cardboard pieces in a circle shape and two long cardboard strips to cover the hoop from both sides (like a sandwich). We made the middle piece the same way … Read more

Super Easy Harley Quinn Costume

Super Easy Harley Quinn Costume

After seeing Suicide Squad back in August I completely fell in love with Harley Quinn’s look. Her mismatch bunches and quirky eye makeup looked great and I thought it would be a really quick and easy costume for Halloween this year. The first hurdle was the hair. I was not about to dye my hair, … Read more

Last-Minute Jack and Jill Couple’s Costume

Last-Minute Jack and Jill Couple's Costume

To make these Jack and Jill costumes you will need: Clothes you can destroy Bandage wrap Twigs A pail Purple, red, and brown eyeshadow (for bruises) Making the Jack and Jill Costumes Visit your nearest Goodwill, or raid your closet for any combination of plaid/suspenders/denim/ or whatever Jack and Jill are wearing when you picture … Read more

Last Minute Toddler DIY Magician Costume

Last Minute Toddler DIY Magician Costume

I found out, with one day’s notice, that my daughter’s daycare was having a Halloween party a few days before Halloween. Since her actual costume was not yet finished, I came up with this super cute last minute DIY magician costume. I opened my “tickle truck” (aka – the box where I keep all my old Halloween costumes and … Read more

Easy DIY Superhero Costume!

Easy DIY Superhero Costume!

Looking for an AWESOME DIY for Halloween or Superhero Day at school? We didn’t have any Halloween costumes for spirit week at our son’s school so we improvised and made him a superhero with his own superhero costume! I first asked him what his super power would be? He answered that he wanted to lift … Read more

Cute Scarecrow Halloween Costume

Cute Scarecrow Halloween Costume

I love making DIY Halloween costumes. Several years ago my little man was a Minion for Halloween. He was a hit! But this scarecrow Halloween costume has topped them all. I received the most compliments on this one! I really wish I would have entered him into a contest, everyone said he would have definitely … Read more