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250+ Cutest DIY Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Cuddling with a sweet smelling baby is of one my top delicious moments of life. Choosing a baby Halloween costume is definitely a close second.

While they are still young, it’s completely your prerogative as a parent to decide on their costume. (Enjoy this say in your child’s clothing before the teenage years hit.) Don’t feel bound by cutsie homemade costumes. Plenty of ideas here veer on the frightening side. But don’t worry, you can always pay for their therapy bills when they get older.

If your newborn is still a sleeping little lump, don’t wake them! There are many homemade costumes that can be worn by a caregiver. Examples are a baby Spider with a mom as a web. Also, a baby Oscar the Grouch attached to a garbage can dad.  Adorable.

If your baby sits up, there are great options for you. For instance, babies as Cabbage Patch Dolls are ridiculously cute. Especially when they are still in the packaging!

Whether you dream of your baby as a mini Harry Potter or a delicious Twinkie, you will find ideas and instructions for them all.

Enjoy browsing through the picture gallery here and please share your baby Halloween costume with us here!

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