Coolest Homemade Birthday Cupcakes Costumes

Homemade Birthday Cupcakes Costumes

My daughter, Cate, is 15 months old and is STILL at that lovely age when you can dictate WHAT they will be for All Hallow’s Eve, unlike her older 4 year old brother, HA! So, there were SOOO many cute costumes that I had in mind for her/us. However, when I received Pottery Barn’s Fall … Read more

Coolest Homemade Bamm Bamm Baby Costume

Homemade Bamm Bamm Baby Costume

My son has had the nickname Bamm Bamm since he was born. Both my husband and I are not very big so when my son was born almost nine pounds and remained in the 95% of his age it didn’t take long for him to acquire his nickname. With his adventurous attitude and blond hair … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cuddly Caterpillar Baby Costume

Homemade Cuddly Caterpillar Baby Costume

For my son’s first Halloween I wanted to make his costume because I really didn’t find anything I liked in the stores for babies. One of his favorite books is the Very Hungry Caterpillar, which was going to be the theme of his first birthday party so I decided to “transform” him into a Homemade … Read more

Coolest Last-Minute Baby Chef Costume

Coolest Last Minute Costume Idea

Most baby costumes in the stores were all the same. so my idea was a baby chef. Not bad for whipping the whole thing up on my sewing machine 10 minutes before we left to go trick or treating! Total Spent: $2

Coolest Homemade Flintstone Family Costume

Homemade Flintstone Family Costume

My 8 month old daughter was our inspiration for our costumes this year! Ever since she was born we have been told how she looks like Pebbles! So I decided to make a Homemade Flintstone Family Costume for Halloween. I went to Hobby Lobby for the following: – about 2 yards of white fabric – … Read more

Coolest Flower Baby Costume

Flower Baby Costume

My 5 month old baby Madison is so cute I just had to make her a flower costume. I started by taking pink flannel fabric and made a hood. Then I took foam sheets and cut out petals so the petals would be stiff. Then I sewed the flower petals out of fabric to cover … Read more