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Easy, Cheap and Amazing Little Mermaid Family Costume

My Little girl really wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween- I don’t like buying things that everyone else can go out and buy, I love to be original.

Mermaid, mermaid I started thinking! What could we all be? That’s it… THE LITTLE MERMAID! The wheels started turning.

I knew right away that my baby boy would be a shark.. This was simple and SOO cute, I bought a grey hoodie set, made a fin out of felt and glued it into his back. Then I cut white felt in points for teeth and sewed it inside his hood. Next eyes and he was set! So easy and under $5 the cutest part was that he was only crawling to his fin was up and teeth and eyes looked so funny

Back to the mermaid… I wanted something i could make that wasn’t intense or expensive. I got a few rolls of tulle (green and blue) It is VERY inexpensive, I put elastic around her waste and sewed it, then I basically cut long strips of the green tulle and tied blue strips at the bottom. We found seashells at the dollar store and painted/glued them onto a headband and on her dress. I found shinny scale like material and sewed a very simple “shirt ” I really don’t sew:) found a cheap $5 wig and she was set!

we all know Ariel can’t be without Ursula- So naturally I took that roll! This was simple.  I bought cheap black material but you could even use panty hose, I stuffed each leg after sewing it and cut wire hangers – so each leg had stuffing and a wire- I then had a thick black elastic piece that I measured and sewed to fit my waste, after each leg was done being stuffed I sewed it onto the belt- Then I got in black leggings and a black shirt and pulled up my belt of tentacles. You can now pose and bend them because of the wire. made myself look crazy and had a shell around my neck for Ariel’s voice and I was set!

People couldn’t stop looking at us and asking questions! Telling me it was such a great idea! I hope to win many contests! So fun to DIY costumes! Let the games begin!

Tabitha  AKA Ursula

Easy, Cheap and Amazing Little Mermaid Family Costume

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