Lia’s Winning Shakey Washing Machine Costume: A Halloween to Remember

The SHAKEY Washing Machine

Lia, my sister, has a deep-seated passion for participating in local Halloween costume contests. She relishes the opportunity to showcase her creativity and have fun. However, the odds were often stacked against her due to the contest’s unique voting system – audience applause. Since the winner was determined by the loudest cheers, contestants who had … Read more

From Curtains to Goddess: A DIY Costume Creation

Curtains turned Goddess

Gathering Inspiration and Materials I’m not typically skilled at following instructions (I’m a visual learner), so Halloween is my chance to let my imagination run wild and create something unique that my kids will love. This year, I embarked on a DIY project to make a sun goddess costume for my daughter. Drawing inspiration from … Read more

Sexy Lil’ Kim Jong-il Mashup Costume

Lil' Kim Jong-il

I have a penchant for mashup costumes, particularly those that blend elements of seriousness with a hint of sensuality. The idea of merging the persona of musician Lil’ Kim with that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il struck me as an intriguing concept. Upon realizing that no one else had attempted this costume online, I … Read more

Easy Last-Minute Costco Sample Person Costume

Costco Sample Person

Our family so appreciates those Costco Sample People. As soon as we thought of the idea our son said YES!! What an honor of being the newest member of the team. Costco employees gave our boy the Costco badge and it took no time to throw together a couple supplies from hobby lobby!

Minecraft Takes Over Halloween: Crafting Herobrine and Giant Alex Costumes

Unleash Your Inner Minecraft Hero with Herobrine and Giant Alex Halloween Costumes

As the new year began, my family embarked on brainstorming ideas for our children’s upcoming Halloween costumes. Tasked with costume design, I found myself pondering over themes and characters that would resonate with my kids. After consulting my sons, I was pleasantly surprised by their clear choices. My 8-year-old insisted on transforming into Herobrine, while … Read more

Coolest Homemade Merry Go Round Carrousel Costume

Happy go round

Halloween is my daughters and my favorite time of the year because creativity is everywhere, you see happy faces and amazing costumes everywhere. This year we chose a carrousel since she loves them. Our creation is made of 75-80% upcycle material from our local recycle store and our building recycle bins. The main part is … Read more

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

Mr Bic Pen Writes an Epic Halloween!

What 10yr old doesn’t dream of becoming a corporate mascot? Well this one does. 10 year old Roosevelt is obsessed with brands and wanted to be the Bic Pen logo! He evened built the costume from the giant pen to the dome for his head- cutting and shaping chicken wire. It’s not that he loves … Read more

Simple and Creative Wordplay Costume: “Web Server”

Web Server

So our annual work competition this year had a theme related to technology. I decided to put a literal play on words this year. I had a name tag ordered from Amazon which says “Server”. I also bought a pie plate from the dollar store and printed a 3d picture of a computer to set … Read more

Cool Last-Minute Day of the Dead Costume

Coco movie in real life

Everything in this Day of the Dead outfit was thrifted. The hat was made by glueing day of the dead skulls, bones, and painting the hat black. His face was painted with face paint with a detailed day of the dead sugar skull inspiration design.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

This costume comes complete with the iconic coconuts accompanying Patsy and his friend, King Arthur as he trick-or-treated in his search for the Holy Halloween candy-going from castle to castle. His pack holds candy for stylish collecting and the details are spot on. Even the Rabbit of Caerbannog travels with him in case anyone tries … Read more

Coolest DIY Woman Sawed-In-Half Illusion Costume

"Making Some Magic" Woman Sawed-In-Half Illusion Costume

I’ve always loved the illusion costumes, but I wanted to try something a little different than the Port-a-Potty costume or the Monster Carrying a Body in a Bucket; I decided to do a woman sawed-in-half illusion costume instead. I already had an XXXL Ringmaster costume for previous years, so I figured I could repurpose that. … Read more