Cool DIY Invisible Person Costumes

Invisible Person Costume

I spent 3 nights putting this Invisible person costume together. It took a total of 7 hours, which included taping, sewing, and hot glue. I purchased all the attire from our local thrift stores. I’m no seamstress, so for the final product to turn out like it did made me beyond proud. I got the … Read more

Invisible Kids: A Halloween Costume with a Twist

The amazing invisible man and woman

My kids were adamant about having unique costumes this Halloween. After exploring ideas online, they settled on invisibility. The challenge now fell upon me to figure out how to make them disappear. I had my doubts about their enthusiasm for these costumes, as their faces would be completely covered. Undeterred, we embarked on a journey … Read more

A Perfect DIY Invisible Girl Illusion Costume

The Invisible Girl

This was honestly one of our easiest costumes to date. We used a backpack with a large piece of cardboard inside it for the body/shoulder frame. The dress, sweater, hat, and earrings were purchased at a local thrift store. We bought them a few sizes too big. To make the arms appear proportionate, we cut … Read more

Cool Invisible Man Illusion Costume

Cool Invisible Man Illusion Costume

I saw an invisible man costume online and thought, “I have to do this!” I win a costume contest at work every year and thought that would work perfect. I didn’t have any instructions, so every thing was trial and error. I had the coat first and thought I would just pull it over my … Read more