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Mission Invisible Costume – Meet the Invisible Man!

One day my son got a robe with a hanger at a store and walked around. It was so funny that it gave me the idea for his costume. I went online and got a lot of ideas to make it. The only store bought item was the robe, the rest we found around the house. We got a plastic hanger, wrapped towels at the end and placed this on my sons head. This resembled the shoulders. I put a see through black shirt over this. The pants, I cut behind the knees so my sons legs would slip through.

I used hanger wire to form the waistband and we attached these to his shirt and made them support with the overalls/suspenders. I made bow tie out of a tie and used hanger wire to form the collar and the excess we attached the hat too. After everything was attached we put the robe on completing the look. I did add an invisible dog, which was made out of a hanger and duct tape for the collar. When he went out he scared the young and old. They were all confused and wondered where he was. Some kids were too afraid to go near him.

He had a lot of adults take pictures of him and they even played along and pet the dog. He was a huge hit! He won first place twice this weekend, which I am completely excited about. I am still shocked at how well it all came together. This is by far the best costume I’ve made yet! Too much fun!!!

Mission Invisible Costume - Meet the Invisible Man!

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