Homemade Candy Crush Costume

Homemade Candy Crush Costume

This homemade Candy Crush costume is my first DIY costume for Halloween 2013 – Candy Crush Saga! There is a warm satisfaction in DIY-ing your own Halloween costume. The last thing we should be doing is digging through racks of packaged polyester princess dirndls at Halloween Town USA – it’s an insult to our creativity! … Read more

Awesome Homemade Sauron Costume from Lord of the Rings

Awesome Homemade Sauron Costume from Lord of the Rings

Our family loves to dress up in costumes and I am always up for a creative challenge. When my son asked to be Sauron, The Dark Lord, from The Lord of the Rings, I said “sure, no problem…what does he look like?” Then I saw the picture…oh, no. What had I agreed to?! I created … Read more

Creepy Corpse in a Body Bag and Coroner Couple Costume

Creepy Corpse in a Body Bag and Coroner Couple Costume

If you want to get your boyfriend to dress up with you in a Couple’s Costume for Halloween, sometimes you have to be a little dark and creepy about it. Like, for example, being a corpse while he is the coroner that will carry you around in a body bag! The idea came about because … Read more

Coolest Contest-Winning Homemade Halloween Costumes for a Group

Coolest Homemade Halloween Costumes - Photo Gallery and How-To Tips

We had such a great Halloween this year because we dressed up as a family with our own homemade Halloween costumes. We complimented my son’s Jimmy Neutron costume by having my other son dress like Goddard the Dog and then my husband and I dress as Jimmy’s parents, Hugh and Judy Neutron. It was so … Read more

The Coolest and Easiest Costumes on Earth – Shadows!

The Coolest and Easiest Costumes on Earth - Shadows!

This Shadows costume might be the easiest costume on earth. And from all of my costumes over the years, this one got the very best reaction. And surprisingly, the males who saw it went nuts. So, here it is….Shadows. I got morph suits in my children’s sizes. Then I added all black accessories and clothes … Read more

Awesome DIY Sinbad Pirate Dog Costume and Amazing Cardboard Ship!

Sinbad Dog Costume

Here’s the story of how we created this Sinbad pirate dog costume for my dog Kalin. This spring Kalin lost an eye to an infection from a cat scratch. It was heartbreaking to go through but also amazing to see how my family and community came together to support us through the healing process, raising … Read more

Awesome Articulated (Carboard!) Robot Costume with Tape Player

Awesome Articulated (Carboard!) Robot Costume with Tape Player

My girlfriend and I always spend too much money on supplies to make our Halloween costumes, which is a big reason why this year we decided to be classic cardboard robots. But as usual, we felt the need to take it further. Before I actually started building, there was a lot to think about and … Read more

Creative Tim Burton’s 9 the Movie Costume

Creative Tim Burton's 9 the Movie Costume

This costume was inspired by Tim Burton’s Film “Nine”.  There were a lot of workarounds to make this costume, so measurements should be used as a guide. Also, it was made based on my body measurements. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what process I went thru to create your costume and you … Read more

Coolest Ever Homemade Groot and Rocket Costume

Groot and Rocket Costume- my greatest creation to date

I love creating Halloween costumes and this year I went for my biggest challenge yet. I created a nearly 7 foot tall Groot and Rocket costume that I wore all day at work as a nurse educator.  I used project foam, kids foam mats, fur, paint and a ton of glue to create it.  I … Read more

Cool Couple Costume: “Guess Who” We Were for Halloween?

Cool Couple Costume: "Guess Who" We Were for Halloween?

I don’t know about you, but since the beginning of time I have loved playing the game “Guess Who”.  I especially enjoyed when my opponent drew a girl as their character because that meant less for me to have to guess.  Ha! The ratio of men to women in that game is just plain nuts. … Read more

Oscar the Grouch Halloween Costume Made Completely from Trash!

Oscar the Grouch Costume Made Completely from Trash

My Oscar the Grouch Halloween costume in 2020 (worn by me) was inspired by piles of trash on my street. I’ve always created my costumes with some found objects and recyclable materials, but never have I given myself the limit of using only discarded trash as my material. What better costume to do that than … Read more