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Original Halloween Costume Idea – Mover in a Box Illusion Costume

I made this original Halloween costume about 10 years ago. The illusion of this original Halloween costume is what makes it great.

I’ve had people stare at the costume for a few minutes trying to figure it out. I once brought it to the mall for a contest and people just stopped in their tracks to look at it.

To build this original Halloween costume I started by buying an extra large size workers’ uniform. I purchased a mask from a costume store and sewed it on to the top of a shirt. I then stuffed the entire upper torso of the uniform. The bottom was left open so that I could put my legs in.

I built a backpack into the uniform so that I can wear the costume over my shoulders. I used a regular moving box and cut out the back half of it. This part fits snugly against my waist.

I stuffed old jean legs and put them through holes cut out on the front of the box. I then stuffed it with old newspaper. After putting the “backpack” portion on me, I then attach the mover’s hands to the box with wire that I have running through the inside of the gloves.

Once it’s all together, it weighs about 20lbs and is heavy to lug around. But it is quite a sight to see it in person.

Total Spent: $50

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