Wildly Wonderful: A Homemade ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Family Costume

Amazing Homemade Where the Wild Things Are Family Costumes

This Halloween, we decided to celebrate our four-month-old baby’s first Halloween by bringing one of our favorite childhood books to life – Maurice Sendak’s beloved classic, “Where the Wild Things Are.” Let the Wild Rumpus begin! Crafting the Wild Things Masks To create the Wild Thing masks for Carol and K.W., we started with an … Read more

A Spooky Classic: DIY Herman and Lily Munster Costumes

Classic Herman and Lily Munster

The idea for our costumes was sparked by a patient of mine, given the obvious height difference between my husband and me. After some research, we got to work! Herman’s Transformation For Herman’s attire, we hit the thrift stores and scored a classic black t-shirt, suit jacket, and pants. To add a touch of Munster-esque … Read more

Cool DIY Invisible Person Costumes

Invisible Person Costume

I spent 3 nights putting this Invisible person costume together. It took a total of 7 hours, which included taping, sewing, and hot glue. I purchased all the attire from our local thrift stores. I’m no seamstress, so for the final product to turn out like it did made me beyond proud. I got the … Read more

Miss Frizzle: A Blast from the Past


I crafted this Miss Frizzle costume from an old dress and felt; I purchased the wig and shoes. I cut a men’s dress shirt and sewed it onto the sleeves and collar. This costume was met with tremendous enthusiasm – it evoked major nostalgia for 80s and 90s kids. My only regret is not constructing … Read more

Cool DIY Spaceballs Family Costume


My family and I are avid Spaceballs fans. We were thrilled to have our boys wear these costumes. We thoroughly enjoyed scouring secondhand shops and craft stores for the perfect clothing, fabric, and accessories. We dedicated a significant amount of time to researching, shopping, cutting, gluing, applying makeup, and so forth, but in the end, … Read more

Handcrafted Wood Witch and her Reanimated Scarecrow Couple Costume

Wood Witch and her Reanimated Scarecrow

This is one of our favorites! Also, the first year in which pretty much 95% of both costumes were handcrafted. The whole idea started with a farm girl and scarecrow but took a wild turn as we brainstormed it. Total production was probably a little over two months for this one. Luckily, almost every square … Read more

Cool Wilson and Chuck Couple Costume from the Movie Castaway

Wilson and Chuck

My husband and I dressed up as characters from Castaway. My husband was Chuck (played by Tom Hanks) and I was Wilson (played by a volleyball). Wilson started as an inflatable ball and after 6 layers of newspapers, glue, and flour, and lots of paint, it ended up as my costume. My husband wore a … Read more

Scariest Pennywise Clown Costume Out There

Scariest Pennywise out there

This costume was so much fun to make. We got a Pennywise costume and fake blood to put all over it. We used red hair spray for her hair, and I bought a severed arm and went and got a piece of vinyl fabric to glue around the arm to make it look like a … Read more

Baby Doc and Dad Marty Costumes from Back to the Future

Doc and Marty from Back to the Future

Our 9-month-old son, Marty McFly, and I, Doc Brown, embarked on an unforgettable Halloween adventure inspired by my all-time favorite movie, Back to the Future. As a lifelong DeLorean enthusiast, I had always dreamed of owning one, and with the arrival of our first child, the time was ripe to make that dream a reality … Read more

Cool DIY Clown Costume: “Cloufit” – A Passion Project

Cloufit: A Passion Project

When they announced the Halloween party and costume contest at work this year, my wheels started turning. I was really excited because Halloween is one of my special interests, but I very rarely have the opportunity to wear a costume outside of my own home. I made this clown costume for our work/employee contest. I … Read more