Coolest Homemade Rugrats Group Costume

Homemade Rugrats Group Costume

Here’s our rendition of a homemade Rugrats group costume. Everyone remembers watching those adventurous toddlers on TV. My friends and I decided that they would be the perfect bunch to be for Halloween. They are all easy to recognize and seemed simple to make. We are all pretty cheap so we wanted to keep this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Indiana Jones Costume

Indiana Jones Costume

It was so fun make this Indiana Jones costume! Until this year we had always bought our costumes from the usual places (Target/Wall-Mart/etc.). Never again! I asked my son who he wanted to be for Halloween and he said he wanted an Indiana Jones costume. Since I knew there weren’t any “store” costumes available my … Read more

Homemade Peacock Blocker Costume

Homemade Peacock Blocker Costume

Last year for Halloween I handmade a peacock costume to wear. Later in the year I was going on a Super Hero costume and came up with the idea to turn my peacock costume into a “Peacock Blocker” costume. My motto was to Block the bad clearing way for the good. For the tail, I … Read more

Cool Homemade Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

Homemade Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume

The Lady Gaga Meat Dress Costume was created out of different colors of felt. Layers were glued onto a dress then stitched. The shoes are wrapped in felt and the meat hat is felt stuffed with cotton balls and stitched to a headband. The wig had blue highlights done with marker as well. Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra.

Coolest Lion Costume

Lion Costume

I love dressing up my pets but there are no costumes in the stores that will fit my giant dog. So each year I have to make him one! This year he has a lion costume. I went to a wholesale fabric store to get the fur, then to JoAnns to get the rest of … Read more

Tortoise Costume

Tortoise Costume

My daughter had the role of the Tortoise in her first grade play of the Tortoise and the Hare. I decided to make her costume. I cut out two oval shapes out of cardboard. I covered one with green fabric using spray fabric glue. I then pieced pillow stuffing over the other oval piece of … Read more

Black Labrador Costume

Black Labrador Costume

My four year old daughter wanted to be Chevy (our black Labrador dog) for Halloween. At first I wasn’t sure how in the world I was going to pull that off without spending a fortune, but my mom had an old black fur coat that she didn’t want any more. I still wasn’t sure how … Read more

Coolest Chicken DIY Halloween Costume Idea

Chicken DIY Halloween Costume Idea

For my son’s chicken DIY Halloween costume idea I bought 2 white turtlenecks and cut down the back several inches, glued the shirts together and the bottom seam and put stuffing in between the layers so he was fluffy, then I bought 2 white boa’s and hot glued them around the shirt, I also made … Read more

Cool Owl Costume

Coolest Owl Costume

My daughter wanted to be an owl for Halloween, but I didn’t like any of the owl costumes I’d seen online, so I decided to make my own homemade owl costume. I’m an art director, so my computer skills are pretty good, but I have zero sewing skills. I figured out a way to make … Read more

Coolest Girl’s Chickadee Costume

Homemade Girl's Chickadee Costume

My 6 year old daughter came to me and asked if for Halloween I would make her a “cute chick costume”. It took me a few minutes to understand she wanted to be a baby chicken. Then we started to research ideas that would work and be the best budget minded we could since I … Read more

Coolest Baby Chicken Costume

Baby Chicken Costume

Our daughter had the cutest baby chicken costume ever! I took an onesie and put it inside a one piece turtle neck. I sewed the two garments to each other at the arm holes, leg holes and neck hole. I put lots of batting between the two garments and snapped the crotches closed. I then … Read more

Coolest Lion Costume

Homemade Lion Costume

I go to the University of Winchester in the UK and for one night out my class decided to make the theme- circus. I knew that most people would turn up as clowns and I wanted to be something different so I decided to go in a Homemade Lion Costume. I’m a poor student so … Read more

Coolest Counting Sheep Group DIY Costume

Homemade Counting Sheep Group DIY Costume

We found our inspiration from this website, took it and ran! Costume Supplies: Hanes Mens Tank tops (We used smalls) Hanes Mens Whitey Tighties (we used mediums) Bags of cotton balls (for 5 costumes, we used 27 normal-sized bags; we recommend buying larger bags from a wholesale store) Hot Glue Guns and Glue Sticks (We … Read more

Coolest DIY Flamingo Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

I made this homemade flamingo costume for my daughter when she was 3. We have done homemade animal costumes for all of her Halloweens and have been on a bird theme for the past three years (see parrot section for her 4 year old costume.) I started with a leotard and added 63 feet of … Read more

Pretty Hand-Crafted Peacock Costume

Homemade Peacock Costume

I made this Homemade Peacock Costume in about 2 weeks. I sewed on roughly 60-70 black feathers to the top of a dress that I got on sale at the mall. I made the tail using about 50 peacock feathers and a marabou folding fan. I made sure to keep the fan movable so I … Read more

Coolest Skunk Costume

Flower the Skunk from "Bambi" Costume

For this skunk costume I used a Skunk pattern found at my local fabric store and altered the pattern by adding the elastic on the cuffs rather then the non slip fabric on the feet (like pajamas). I then attached the tail with Velcro so it could be removed while sitting.

Coolest R2D2 Costume Idea Ever

r2d2 costume

This R2D2 costume was so much fun to make. My oldest son was Darth Vader and my youngest son was Yoda, so keeping with the Star Wars theme I had to come up with a character for my middle son. I kept searching for something to catch my eye, but none of the store costumes … Read more

Coolest Homemade Flamingo Costume

Homemade Flamingo Costume

For our brother’s 21st birthday we decided to have an Animal Party Pub Crawl. I couldn’t find an animal costume that I loved enough to buy so I decided to be original and make my own! I found a pattern for a child’s homemade flamingo costume that I thought was really cute – when cutting … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peacock Adult Halloween Costume

Homemade Peacock Adult Halloween Costume

I woke up two days before Halloween and decided that I wanted a Homemade Peacock Adult Halloween Costume this year! But I wanted to be original and not spend too much money. I had the top from years back which worked really well as it looked like the skin of a peacock with its iridescent … Read more

Coolest Homemade Peacock Costume with Peacock Feather Fan

Homemade Peacock Costume

After looking at various peacock costumes around the inter webs, I decided the build my Homemade Peacock Costume on a peacock fan. From there, I added about 60 more peacock feathers, trimmed to various lengths, with hot glue. I used several of the end pieces I cut off to make cross bars for stability. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Counting Sheep Group Costume

I just wanna be a sheep... bababa

This Counting Sheep group costume was very easy and cheep; it was a little time-consuming but, with two pairs of hands, things go faster. We averaged per costume six to seven bags of 300 cotton balls, five to six packets of glue packs and an old dress or shirt. We all wore black tights and … Read more

Coolest Peacock DIY Costume with Peacock Feathers

Homemade Peacock Costume

I have always loved peacocks, and when my very talented co-worker agreed to help make a Homemade Peacock Costume, I was all over it! I had to order a couple hundred peacock feathers from the internet, and she bought the material. The funny thing is, the material was purchased from an Indian store which smelled … Read more

Coolest Poodle Costume

Pink Poodle Costume

Last year my daughter wanted a Pink Poodle Costume. I’ve always made her costumes (she’s 8 now). While in Target I saw these “curly” scarves. And I knew they would be great for the curly fur of the poodle. I bought pink sweatshirt and pants. And a pink knit cap. Made long ears and the … Read more

Cool Homemade Tiger Costume

Homemade Tiger Costume

I printed off a tiger pattern for my Homemade Tiger Costume, went out and bought orange, yellow, white and black face paint. My sister and I are both artists, so I drew out the design on a small drawing of me and let my sister paint me. The white was sponged on first, then the … Read more