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Coolest Ever Homemade Groot and Rocket Costume

I love creating Halloween costumes and this year I went for my biggest challenge yet. I created a nearly 7 foot tall Groot and Rocket costume that I wore all day at work as a nurse educator.  I used project foam, kids foam mats, fur, paint and a ton of glue to create it.  I spent about 6 weeks working on the creation and was challenged at nearly every step of the way.  I used a back pack, pool noodle and the plastic tube inserts from my golf bag to create the height and structure for Groot. I used a long sleeve button up shirt from my husbands closet to create Groots body, along with project foam, paint, yarn and moss.  I am not a seamstress but I used 4 spools of thread and hand sewed the project foam onto both the shirt and the pants that I used for Groot. 

I created Rockets body out of nylons (last years costume) that I cut to create the arms, legs and body. I glued fur onto the nylons to create his body. I purchased two toddler pants from goodwill. One of the pairs read “do not wash” which is disturbing considering they are for toddlers. First thing I did was wash them which created a great rustic metalic color that I used to create the leather look to rockets outfit. 

I had planned to create a gun for Rocket out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, however with the recent Oct 1 events in Las Vegas, I left that out of the final design. 

I had a great time wearing the Groot and Rocket costume around the hospital, I put a speaker in Groots head that screamed “I am Groot” with the click of my cell phone.  I got a lot of screams and laughter throughout my 10 hour shift.  Even without the platform shoes on I had to remember to duck under doorways- I was constantly hearing “duck” just before I slammed poor Groots head into the doorframes.  As I stepped out of the elevator I would get the sounds of surprise, fear and laughter as Groot exited before the rest of me.  

The face makeup stayed put nicely all day- although driving to work I kept fogging up my glasses from the warm breath created with the nose piece.  I was very happy with how this Groot and Rocket costume turned out, it was worth all the blood, sweat and hot glue blisters.  

Groot and Rocket Costume- my greatest creation to date
Close up view of Rocket and Groot

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