Coolest Ever Homemade Groot and Rocket Costume

Groot and Rocket Costume- my greatest creation to date

I love creating Halloween costumes and this year I went for my biggest challenge yet. I created a nearly 7 foot tall Groot and Rocket costume that I wore all day at work as a nurse educator.  I used project foam, kids foam mats, fur, paint and a ton of glue to create it.  I … Read more

Awesome DIY Baby Groot Costume for Under $20!

Awesome Baby Groot under $20

My DIY Baby Groot costume started with a two-year-old who loves dancing Baby Groot. After watching the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 28 times so he could dance along, he decided that is who he wanted to be for Halloween. He had an action figure for inspiration. It all started at the Dollar Tree … Read more

Coolest DIY Baby Groot Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy

Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy

I created this homemade Baby Groot costume from my 5 year old daughter who wanted to be Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone loved her costume. Every time she saw someone, she would stop and do the baby groot dance! And instead of saying trick or treat, she would say “I AM GROOT”! … Read more

“I AM GROOT!”: Coolest DIY Groot Costume

DIY Groot Costume

I just knew when I saw the movie “Guardians  Of The Galaxy,” that I had to try to make a DIY Groot costume! DIY Groot Costume Construction Making the Groot Costume Head I began with the head and a plastic coffee can. I added foam and began to add and shape foam to make his … Read more

Epic DIY Groot Costume From Guardians of the Galaxy

groot costume

My wife saw this idea on Pinterest and at the beginning of October, decided she was going to make it. Then we’d all go to our local Halloween Party as the Guardians of the Galaxy. I love my wife – she is very creative and artistic, but I didn’t think this was possible. But – … Read more

Coolest DIY Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costume

guardians of the galaxy family costume

Our family loves the movie Guardians of the Galaxy, so it was a given we would convince our kids this was the Halloween theme we needed to go with. We’ve been dressing up as a family since the kids were born, and each year our costumes get more elaborate. From our Guardians of the Galaxy family costume, … Read more

Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costume

Guardians of the Galaxy Family Costume

We decided to be Groot, Drax and Rocket for halloween this year. I found numerous tutorials on how to create a Groot costume, but in the end we mixed and mashed a bunch of them to do what worked best for us. Everyone loved our costumes and since we couldn’t take our son (Rocket) to … Read more

Totally Homemade Gamora Costume

Totally Homemade Gamora Costume

The adventure started when my team for a local board game charity event decided to name ourselves “Gamers of the Galaxy”. This event also happened to be a week before Halloween, so it would work for both events. Also, being a hobby cosplayer, I know I will get more use out of it. I sketched … Read more

Cool Rocket Raccoon Costume From Gaurdians of the Galaxy

Cool Rocket Raccoon Costume From Gaurdians of the Galaxy

After seeing Gauardians of the Galaxy, I knew I HAD to make a Rocket costume! He’s just so furry, sarcastic, and amazing! Just like me! Well, minus the fuzzy part, ha ha ha ha! There was a convention happening in my city in just over a month and I set a goal to make it … Read more