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1000+ Inspiring Homemade Movie and Book Character Costumes

Losing yourself in a movie or a book is the best. It’s a total immersion experience where the rest of your life dissolves in a puddle of to-do lists and dentist appointments. For a true disguise this Halloween, check out this spectacular collection of DIY movie and book character costumes.

There are so many different genres of movies and books, but what they all share is the desire to transport the viewer to another realm. They will sweep you away from real life into the movie planet where anything is possible.

In addition, discover the coolest instructions in order to construct your own homemade movie and book character costumes. Even better, get inspiration here from the amazing costume creators here to come up with your own DIY costume design.

The only limit is your imagination! So delve into the world of make believe and be amazed what you can accomplish.

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