Scariest Homemade Samara from The Ring Costume

the ring costume

Hello! My name is Victoria A. Moran, and I am the one wearing this handmade The Ring costume I put together myself. After hearing about a local costume party last Halloween from a family member, I decided to finally dress-up as one of my favorite antagonists from one of my favorite horror films, The Ring! … Read more

Homemade Samara Costume from the Ring Movie

Homemade Samara Costume from the Ring Movie

I’m a big horror fan and my favorite movie is the ring and my favorite character Samara, so I wanted to attempt at making the costume. I brought a white nightgown off eBay and painted it with white and black. I then painted my face white with black frown lines and blue lipstick to give … Read more

Coolest Homemade Samara Costume

Samara Morgan Costume from the Ring

For my homemade Samara costume (from The Ring), I used a night gown purchased at value Village, a wig from Wal-Mart. I also applied liquid latex on my face with make up. The well is handmade from a box.

Coolest Homemade SAMARA Costume dans le film “LE CERCLE”

Homemade SAMARA Costume dans le film "LE CERCLE" 9

Voici la description pour le costume Homemade SAMARA Costume dans le film “LE CERCLE” 9 main : -Tout d’abord j’ai acheté des colants blanc que j’ai modifié avec un tube de maquillage noir (achetter dans un magasin spécial halloween) , j’ai absorbé le noir avec une éponge et ensuite j’ai tapotté l’éponge un peut partout … Read more

Creepy Homemade Samara Costume That’ll Freak You Out!

Homemade Samara Costume

This Samara costume idea comes from the very popular horror movie “The Ring”. I spent a couple weeks getting the Samara costume to look exactly how I wanted it. I was pretty happy with the result. Everything you see (aside from the wig) was made by me. (Of course that’s me in the picture too)! … Read more

Coolst Ring Costume

The Ring Costume

My Ring costume was the evil girl out of the Japanese film ‘The Ring’ (also the USA remake of the same name). I wanted to come across, as the scariest person at the party, so I thought this would be a good choice. I made the costume out of an old box (which in fact … Read more

Coolest Ring Costume

Samara Costume

The TV sequence in The Ring is the scariest moment in any film which I have seen so I decided that the Ring costume would make an ideal costume for this year’s Halloween party. I started with no idea how I would produce my costume, only that I would go to the party as Samara/Sadako … Read more

Coolest Homemade Samara Halloween Costume

Homemade Samara Halloween Costume

I went to college without a firm idea on what I was gonna be that year. I had an idea a few months ago, but I couldn’t remember it, so I figured if I couldn’t remember it by October, that I would make a Homemade Samara Halloween Costume from “The Ring”. “The Ring” is one … Read more

Coolest Homemade Samara from The Ring Costume

Homemade Samara from The Ring Costume

This was the homemade Samara from The Ring costume that I made for my daughter. The dress was hand-sewn, soaked in bleach, and then dyed tan with RIT; after that, it was soaked in a cooking pot and then hang dried, to give it that “dead material” look. Because the dress was made with thin … Read more

Coolest Homemade Samara Morgan Costume

Homemade Samara Morgan Costume

Needed a costume for a film character costume party, but as a short, black woman, I didn’t want to go as something too predictable. I purchased a size 18 top from a charity shop and soaked it in a bucket of hot water overnight with added tea bags to create the aged effect. I rubbed … Read more

Coolest Samara Costume

Samara Costume

I was Samara from the movie The Ring coming out of the well. The Samara costume took me quite a while to create. The wall of the well is made up of three different fabrics. I wore an inflated inner tube to keep the well up above my waist and covered that with the fabric … Read more

Coolest Samara Morgan Costume

Samara Morgan Costume

I made this Samara costume this past Halloween for myself. I purchased an old gown and black house shoes. I wanted something that looked old school and of course white. I also purchased the wig and tangled it up a lot. I placed white and beige makeup on my face and dabbed some liquid latex … Read more