This Samara costume idea comes from the very popular horror movie “The Ring”. I spent a couple weeks getting the Samara costume to look exactly how I wanted it. I was pretty happy with the result. Everything you see (aside from the wig) was made by me. (Of course that’s me in the picture too)!

Samara Costume Clothing

The shoes were made out of a regular pair of old dress shoes. I have size 13 feet (men’s) and was having a hard time finding a good pair of Mary-Jane’s to fit me, so I made my own! I cut out the lacing with heavy duty scissors and took an old pair of black sandals that had a strap with buckle and cut off the strap and buckle and sewed it to the shoes in a Mary-Jane type fashion.

The nightgown was also sewn from a pattern – Victorian style nightgown. The bottom edges and sleeves were ruffed up by painstakingly pulling out cross-threads, so that only one part of the strand remained. I then took makeup (being the makeup artist I am) and used it on the costume. I used Ben Nye cream makeup lightly with a sponge to create the illusion of “wet” and “dirty.”

The wig is a plain ole’ Cher type wig that I ruffed up with hairspray. I was also covered from head to toe in makeup. I applied a “stretch and stipple” effect to my legs, arms, hands and face. Then I applied a prosthetic brow that I created to my eye-brow region.

Makeup and Accessories

Contact lenses were added. I also added nails I also made from scratch using plain old plastic nails I bought from the store for under 2 bucks. I carefully sanded the nails until they were dull. Then I took a box cutter and carefully cut into the nails to make them look dried and cracks. Then, I used Ben-nye makeup and colored the nails to look “dead”. I applied the nails to my hands, over-top of a layer of latex and tissue and glued down with nail glue. Afterwards, I took dark tooth enamel (for teeth black outs) and painted under the nailbed to look more realistic. I hope you enjoy my humble recreation.

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