Coolest Samara Costume

I was Samara from the movie The Ring coming out of the well. The Samara costume took me quite a while to create. The wall of the well is made up of three different fabrics. I wore an inflated inner tube to keep the well up above my waist and covered that with the fabric and cardboard. I also rimmed the outside of the well with glow in the dark puffy paint so it glowed at night.

I wore the costume at Ohio State and Ohio University for Halloween parties. It wasn’t the easiest costume to wander around in, but it was definitely unique. It was extremely different for a girl to show up at a college party dress in an ‘ugly’ costume versus something sexy, but it was still fun.

That’s the point of Halloween, to be creative and stand out at a party. Anyone can go buy a costume, but it is more fun to make your own!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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