Coolest Homemade Samara Morgan Costume

Needed a costume for a film character costume party, but as a short, black woman, I didn’t want to go as something too predictable. I purchased a size 18 top from a charity shop and soaked it in a bucket of hot water overnight with added tea bags to create the aged effect. I rubbed in small handfuls of mud and dirt and spilled coffee to create staining.

Shoes bought at kids shoe shop for a fiver. I brought long white socks and gloves from the joke shop and smudged more dirt in them. I stuck on false nails to the gloves and painted them with black nail varnish and topped it off with a wig brushed forward.

My homemade Samara Morgan costume caused plenty of frights in the ladies toilets!!!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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