Coolest Ring Costume

The TV sequence in The Ring is the scariest moment in any film which I have seen so I decided that the Ring costume would make an ideal costume for this year’s Halloween party.

I started with no idea how I would produce my costume, only that I would go to the party as Samara/Sadako emerging from a TV. For the TV part of the costume I searched the streets for discarded TVs and was lucky enough to find one large enough for me to fit into. I gutted the TV leaving just the frame which I cut a hole in the bottom of.

Next I built a TV cabinet from rigid insulation foam; this was solid but very lightweight. The foam base was covered in wood effect Fablon (sticky back plastic) from a DIY shop. I then attached the front of a broken VCR to one of the cabinet shelves and bought a load of VHS tapes from charity shops to put in the other shelf. This did a good job of hiding most of my body from view.

The finishing touch was some carefully chosen sparkly materiel with a grain running through it. When lit from behind by iridescent paper the material looked a lot like white noise. All that was left was to get an old nightshirt from a charity shop and a long black wig.

The costume was warn much like a skirt, I produced a customized belt which slotted into the cabinet, this held all the weight of the costume on my hips and even allowed me to dance while wearing it! It took a total of 3 evenings to produce once I had found all the required materials.

Ring Costume

Ring Costume

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