Coolst Ring Costume

My Ring costume was the evil girl out of the Japanese film ‘The Ring’ (also the USA remake of the same name).

I wanted to come across, as the scariest person at the party, so I thought this would be a good choice. I made the costume out of an old box (which in fact was a TV box) and painted it black and added detail, such as tuning knobs, antenae and the evil videotape.

The box went over my body making me look like a was creepily coming out of the TV. This worked best when I was lying down. I also purchased a wig which I wore backwards and used make-up to add for the final touches to my face to look haunting and scary.

Was a bit tricky as the party was at a flat with the smallest corridor in the world. Got stuck every time I needed to go pee. (Which again was tricky.)

In accordance with the rules of the film, anyone who saw me later received a phone call and died. A shame but worth it.

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  1. I love the movie The Ring, and was Samara last year for Halloween.I couldn’t find a costume anywhere. NOT ANYWHERE!! Not even on


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