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Coolest Homemade Brothers Grimm Evil Queen Costume

This Brothers Grimm Evil Queen costume was one of my first major costumes, it took months as I am not a sewer, but it was one of those things where I fell in love with the character’s look and the uniqueness of the costume. I wasn’t a fan of the movie at all, but did re-watch Brothers Grimm several times just for the lushness of Monica Belucci’s role.

As usual, I am a stickler for detail, but I also believe in making something wearable, the Evil Queen’s dress and crown were extensive and I knew right away they couldn’t be reproduced exactly. The dress was made from red velvet, trimmed with Indian silk in the sleeves, lace in the bodice and down the front. You can’t see in the photo, but the dress does indeed split to the navel (my Dad was taking the photo) and laces up with gold cord with filigree charms on the end. There are sheer panels in the upper arms with gold trim and hand attached red gems.

Once again, very short blonde hair, hair was sprayed and black wig made into hairpiece (went down to my knees) I made the earrings by making 2 pairs of gun metal and red beaded chandelier earrings into one pair. The front bodice I lucked out and found a heavily embroided/beaded fuchsia sari at value village, the colour was close enough that I was able to trim around all the decoration and sew it onto the front without it clashing. I used 2 long matching red beaded necklaces as the jeweled belt.

All in all I am the most proud of this dress, but it was not very comfortable to wear! The wig caught on everything, as did the earrings, the sleeves and train need to be carried and lets just say the design of the bodice made things very “breezy”. That being said, I loved the dress so much, I did something I never do and wore the Brothers Grimm Evil Queen costume dress again the next year!

Brothers Grimm Evil Queen Costume

Brothers Grimm Evil Queen Costume

Brothers Grimm Evil Queen Costume

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