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Coolest Homemade Samara from The Ring Costume

This was the homemade Samara from The Ring costume that I made for my daughter.

The dress was hand-sewn, soaked in bleach, and then dyed tan with RIT; after that, it was soaked in a cooking pot and then hang dried, to give it that “dead material” look. Because the dress was made with thin weave-like material, it was not very warm, so my daughter wore a long-sleeved black shirt underneath. The wig was cheap and super long; I picked a long wig because of the wavy look, cut the length and put hair gel on it to give it a wet look.

I took white and black cream face makeup and mixed them together to create different shades of grey. A darker shade with lots of black was put around the eyes and the lips were also painted black to create a scary feel to the costume. I also put the grey on the hands and darkened the fingers. The fingernails were painted black.

She wore simple white tights, small white socks and black shoes, as little girls would.

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