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Coolest Homemade A Christmas Story Couple Costume

Who doesn’t love the classic movie “A Christmas Story”? The idea for our Homemade A Christmas Story Couple Costume came from an ornament we bought last year for Christmas: the infamous fragile crate containing the illuminated leg lamp. This ornament, of course, was inspired by this movie.

We started by looking online for pictures of the crate and leg lamp so we could design the costumes. Our design for the crate started with a large paper-towel box which we covered with wood grain laminate shelf paper found at a hardware store. Next, we cut holes for the arms and head. Then, we referred back to the pictures of the actual crate and searched on Microsoft word for a similar font style and size. We then printed out the words “FRAGILE “and “THIS END UP” and used it as a stencil for the crate. Using black permanent marker, we traced the stencils and colored them in. Lastly, we went to a craft store and found similar crate stuffing and hot-glued it to the bottom of the crate.

For the leg lamp, we started with an antique lamp shade found at Wal-Mart. We first cut out the middle support of the lamp shade, so I could slip in, cut a slit down the back but left the bottom ring (support) intact. We then covered the slit with a matching piece of fabric, which we found at a fabric store, and held it in place with adhesive Velcro. We added the fringe, which was also found at a fabric store, to the bottom of the shade with hot glue. Inside the shade, we also Velcro battery-operated lights which you can find anywhere at Halloween time for use in pumpkins. We put a total of three lights in the shade to help make it light up.

The last part of the costume to organize was the leggings. I used two pairs, one a black pair of tights and the other fish-net stockings. Each pair had a leg cut off to shorts level. The leg in the fish-net became the leg of the classic one-legged lamp while the other was tucked up behind. We then topped the costume off with a pair of black high heels and I was ready to slip into the lamp shade.

Directions for getting into lamp shade:
Remove Velcro fabric piece and step into the shade, and then have someone help you pull it up around your legs, hips, and waist. Next, place the Velcro fabric back over the slit and you are ready to go. Pose on fish-netted one leg to complete the look.

We were the coolest Christmas Story couple!

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7 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade A Christmas Story Couple Costume”

  1. this costume is super cute and my boyfriend and i are definitely going to steal this idea for next year! VERY creative and classic! LOVE IT!!

  2. We also “borrowed” this idea and received sooo many positive comments :) I even won a contest for “sexiest costume” lol We used everything almost the same except for I added battery powered Christmas lights to the bottom of the lamp. Thanks for the idea!!!


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