Coolest ET Halloween Costume

The ET Costume was created with finding an ET mask online, then the rest was built from a milk crate, string, a curtain rod, bike handles, a drain extension spout (resembles a giant bendy straw, Hardware stores sell it), a pillow, a large white blanket, a small sized flashlight, a battery powered touch lamp painted red and a werewolf costume hand with the fur shaved off.

Basically you wrap a pillow around the base of the drain spout and tie it up. Place that in the milk crate. Bend the drain spout to make a “7” shape and place the ET mask over that. (I bought bubble wrap to shove in the cheeks to keep his face full). Place the red painted touch lamp where ET’s stomach would be and then wrap everything with the white blanket. That should keep the stand anchored in the crate and makes it lightweight. Put the bike handle bars over the ends of the shower curtain rod and tape that to the back of the crate. Then take the string and tie two loops on each side of the crate to go around your shoulders. (Extra bubble wrap under the sweatshirt can be used on your shoulders and your stomach to help ease any discomfort from the strings or the crate rubbing up against you).

The hand is the option you can choose to do if you want to go for the authenticity. The pocket sized flashlight fits into the shaved wolf costume hand in the index finger. It will allow you to still put the rest of your fingers in, and your index finger’s knuckle will be able to push the bottom of the flashlight to turn it on and off. (Putting the unlighted finger to someone’s nose and then clicking on the finger will make people laugh). The thin material of the hand allows the light to show. Then, for the fake arm, just buy a fake hand at a costume store and attach it to the one handle bar and fill the sleeve of the sweatshirt with paper towels or newspaper. You then would cut a hole in the sweatshirt to slide your arm through and under ET’s blanket to make it appear as if it’s his hand. Pair that with occasionally pressing in the touch lamp in his stomach (under the blanket) will make ET’s stomach appear to glow red.

The outfit was found in the attic and the flower and hair accessories were bought at a craft store. I regret not getting a brown wig for Elliot’s hair, which I will have for next year.

Great costume, probably took about 100 pictures with random strangers. An awesome Halloween time!


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  1. I found the mask on eBay around September of 2008. The guy had 5 of them. I just looked and couldn’t find it now though. I’m not willing to part with the mask just yet. I’ll probably wear it a few more times and then sell it on eBay myself though.

  2. My son has my ET doll that I have had since I was 2 and this is what his costume will be this year.So glad I found your pic, I had some ideas about what to do but now I have a great jumping off point : )

  3. My 8 year old wanted to be ET… but we attend an adult party each year without him. So I used the ET in crate idea!

    I made the mask from print outs of an ET mask image found online. I ran with it and did not have to search high a low for the “needle in haystack” mask. I used empty boxes and a paper bag to create ET’s shape. It was weightless except for the actual crate. The only true cost we incurred was for the new red hoodie. Everything else was recycled or purchased at a thrift store.

    Thank you for a great idea!

  4. The pillow tied around the bottom of the spout will wedge in the crate, especially if you get a blanket and shove that in too. The mask and spout do not way that much.

  5. Would you be willing to rent the mask? My 4 year old son wants to be E.T. so bad for Halloween and I cant find a mask anywhere! I would sign any type of contract (to ensure no damage is done). Please let me know if you are interested in doing this.

  6. I know several have asked since I posted about buying the mask but I want you know we would still love to have it if or when you read the post. Thx,
    Your Sept 11, 2011 poster:)

  7. Hi, I was wondering—was your mask a full head mask, covering the head? Or was it just a face frontal, that tied around the back of the head? I found one that ties at the back of the head, but doesn’t have the full head. I was just wondering if yours was the full head, because it looks to have the full head shape under the white blanket. I’m assuming you’re not selling or renting yours, since there are a ton of inquiries above???? If you are interested in either selling or renting, please let me know. THANKS CHUCK P.!

  8. Trying to track down this mask – any chance I can rent it from you for a video shoot Aug 22 in DC??? Please call my cell if available – thanks so much! 202-258-3055 Rachel Holmes, Producer

  9. I orginally asked if you would rent the mask. I searched on Ebay since last year and just finally found a Don Post E.T. mask. I am making this costume for him for Halloween.
    I will be selling it after Halloween this year (Oct. 2012) if anyone is intereste in buying it.

  10. I’m just seeing some of these comments and I am willing to rent out the mask now. For those still interested you can email me at The mask is not something I would recommend wearing over a face because it is pretty tight and not very breathable. I can give you more detailed instructions on how to set up the ET in the basket look as well.

  11. I’m sorry I’m getting back to these posts so late. I just realized I was getting comments. If people are still interested in renting the mask please contact me at

    It’s not a mask an adult could wear over their head (probably too tight for a child too), put it’s great for the costume I set up. I can give you more details on how to make it if you want advice.

  12. I have rented the mask for this year (2012). Feel free to reach out to me if you want the costume next year. Thanks everyone!

  13. Thanks for the great tips on how to make this costume. I couldn’t get a mask but I printed a photo of E.T.’s face and created a body out of some foam pumpkins I bought at Michaels. I already had a crate and I borrowed a bike. I found a red hooded sweatshirt at Goodwill for $3. All I have to do is attach E.T. in his basket to the bike handlebars tomorrow (with a zip tie) and I’ll be ready to cruise through the office on Halloween.

  14. Hello everyone. I ended up selling the mask. Thanks for all your comments, but just wanted to update anyone asking to rent the mask.

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