The ET Costume was created with finding an ET mask online, then the rest was built from a milk crate, string, a curtain rod, bike handles, a drain extension spout (resembles a giant bendy straw, Hardware stores sell it), a pillow, a large white blanket, a small sized flashlight, a battery powered touch lamp painted red and a werewolf costume hand with the fur shaved off.

Basically you wrap a pillow around the base of the drain spout and tie it up. Place that in the milk crate. Bend the drain spout to make a “7” shape and place the ET mask over that. (I bought bubble wrap to shove in the cheeks to keep his face full). Place the red painted touch lamp where ET’s stomach would be and then wrap everything with the white blanket. That should keep the stand anchored in the crate and makes it lightweight. Put the bike handle bars over the ends of the shower curtain rod and tape that to the back of the crate. Then take the string and tie two loops on each side of the crate to go around your shoulders. (Extra bubble wrap under the sweatshirt can be used on your shoulders and your stomach to help ease any discomfort from the strings or the crate rubbing up against you).

The hand is the option you can choose to do if you want to go for the authenticity. The pocket sized flashlight fits into the shaved wolf costume hand in the index finger. It will allow you to still put the rest of your fingers in, and your index finger’s knuckle will be able to push the bottom of the flashlight to turn it on and off. (Putting the unlighted finger to someone’s nose and then clicking on the finger will make people laugh). The thin material of the hand allows the light to show. Then, for the fake arm, just buy a fake hand at a costume store and attach it to the one handle bar and fill the sleeve of the sweatshirt with paper towels or newspaper. You then would cut a hole in the sweatshirt to slide your arm through and under ET’s blanket to make it appear as if it’s his hand. Pair that with occasionally pressing in the touch lamp in his stomach (under the blanket) will make ET’s stomach appear to glow red.

The outfit was found in the attic and the flower and hair accessories were bought at a craft store. I regret not getting a brown wig for Elliot’s hair, which I will have for next year.

Great costume, probably took about 100 pictures with random strangers. An awesome Halloween time!