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Last-Minute Elliot and ET Costume for Girls

For halloween I usually try to be creative and unique when picking a costume.  After much reserach and thought, this year I went with Elliot and ET.  Not only is it a classic but anyone and everyone has seen this movie, not to mention i even added a girly touch to it for those of you that want a cuter costume. I won a few contests and it was a huge hit everywhere I went.

The Costume Basics:

Plain red hoodie, red tutu, converse, basket, ET doll, handle bars and white blanket. (ET can be found on amazon unless you already have your own)

How to make the basket:

I got a smaller basket at Home Goods for $6, I used a cheap curtain rod from Walmart  and bought the rubber handle bar covers also.  I used zip ties to hold attach the handle bar to the basket and it held really well.  For comfort i would suggest attaching some sort of strap.  I used a strap from one of my duffle bags I wasnt using (it was even adjustable) this is a nice extra feature so that you dont have to carry the basket yourself and have 2 free hands for drinks/food!!

Next you want to wrap your ET doll in a white blanket/towel. To make it even more convincing, I bought a red bike light that had a blinking setting to put under the blanket as ET’s heart.  Also, i bought a pack of reese’s pieces to put in the basket.  This was someting everyone that were big ET movie fans picked up right away.  (if you didnt catch the reference….elliot uses reeces to lure ET)

This costume is so easy, fun, and took me about 10 minutes to put together. Hope I see lots more in the years to come!!

Last-Minute Elliot and ET Costume for Girls

Last-Minute Elliot and ET Costume for Girls

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