My boyfriend and I went as Elliot and E.T. the Extraterrestrial. The Homemade E.T. and Elliot Couple Costume is 100% handmade!

The mask was molded from Crayola Model Magic and then painted with Acrylic paint. The body was contructed with layers of quilt batting and then sprayed with adhesive and covered in fabric. I then outlined the layers with masking tape and sprayed over the entire thing with tan spraypaint to add definition.

The arms are fabric as well and the fingers are filled with stuffing to make them longer. The right forfinger has a penlight in it with red felt inside so the finger can be lit up and it actually glows red (this was difficult to capture in a photo.) The feet were formed over a pair of flip flops with fabric and stuffing and the legs are a pair a brown socks.

This costume was a big hit among my friends and I figured I would share it.