When I suggested to my fiance, Jaimi, that she should be Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for Halloween, her eyes lit up and she immediately was pumped about it. We started making it in August  (when I say we, I mean I started making and she cheered me on from the couch). The body was the first part I worked on. It started out as a big piece of white rectangular foam. I suffered many burns from the hot glue gun, but it did not deter me. I had awesomeness to achieve! Getting the rectangular foam to be torso shaped took some thinking. I used skewers to hold it in place while gluing. My dog didn’t know what the hell was going on. I then did the legs and the arms in the same fashion.

All was going really well. Until one day when our lovable scamp of a dog, Dexter, felt the need to be a little rebellious. He jumped over the five foot gate that kept him out of the living room. The living room is where Stay Puft was being kept. It wasn’t pretty. We came home to find pieces of foam all over the living room. Stay Puft had been dragged across the room. I’m sure it was a terrifying ordeal for the man made of fluff.

I kept at it though. The head was the next. It was tricky because it’s more marshmallow shaped than round. I also had to make a mouth so she could breath out of. That was one of her demands. Breathing. So I obliged.

I covered the body in quilters batting to hide any imperfections and then in white fabric. The beret was covered in blue fabric, with a red fabric ribbon coming off the top. I made the letters for “Stay Puft” out of white fabric also as well as mittens for the hands.

When all was said and done, Jaimi had to practically lay down to get into the costume. She has very short legs and it was hilarious to watch. We live in Massachusetts so we ventured down to Salem, MA on Halloween. We had three ghost buster costumes also. Halloween in Salem is crazy fun. Thousands of people in costumes taking pictures of each other. Jaimi couldn’t waddle two feet without someone stopping us. It was pretty awesome.