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Cutest Stay Puft Marshmallow Boy Costume

The idea for this started last Halloween (2013) my kids became obsessed with Ghostbusters. All they talked about was being the Ghostbusters for the next Halloween. I am one of those crazy Halloween loving people, its my favorite holiday. So I was down with it.

By the time Halloween 2014 rolled around my older son choose a different costume BUT, was stuck on his plan that little brother had to be the stay puft marshmallow man. Little brother was down with that so I got down to business to make it happen. My little guy is 3 years old. I used a pair of white girls capri pants for the bottoms. Since they were capris they came down to the right length for regular pants on him. the pants were lined and padded at the knee area. I did not do additional padding in the legs because the costume goes over his regular clothes and that provides the extra “stuffing”.

The top was also a girls size 4T sweat shirt. I lined and padded the middle section of the shirt. For the collar I got a piece of blue felt at the fabric store. I got it int he section where they do felt crafts. They had pre-cut pieces that I used for the collar, hat and bow tie. I used one complete square for the collar. I sewed the white strips of felt on first. Then I cut out the head hole and sewed the collar onto the sweat shirt. Once the collar was in place I cut out the red felt for the “bow” and sewed that on. For the hat I used a winter hat we had already. It was the perfect shape. We took the ear flaps off. I covered the top with the white felt.

The hat fabric was thick so I  hand stitched it on to the top. Then I took the rest of the blue felt  and cut (2) strips it to cover the rest of the hat.  After the blue was sewed on. I used white yarn to do a simple stitch and stitch on the words “Stay Puft”. I topped the hat off with the red ribbon. The result was pure cuteness. He LOVES his costume and will not go out unless the hat is in place. We have attended one Halloween party already and his costume was the hit of the night. This is my second attempt at making Halloween costumes as I am just learning to sew. I am pretty happy with the results and I could not wait to share it.

My husband and I are also pictured we were Morticia and Gomez from the Addams Family.

Cutest Stay Puft Marshmallow Boy Costume

Cutest Stay Puft Marshmallow Boy Costume

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