When I was pregnant for my son I turned into a Pinterest Queen. I Pinterested everything from new mom tips to cute baby clothing and everything in between.  One day while Pinteresting my life away I came across ideas for baby Halloween costumes.  They were all so cute, but none as cute as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! My son wasn’t even born yet and I was already planning his first Halloween costume.  I pinned it, saved it to my phone, and sent it to my husband who laughed and gave me his normal response “whatever you want to do honey.”  The rest of my pregnancy trudged on and finally our little man arrived in late July.  We enjoyed all of the new moments with our son but I never forgot about the Stay Puft Marshmallow costume.

At the end of September I decided it was time to start gathering supplies and get to creating.  A little background, I am not a seamstress, I have never made clothing, I can’t even sew a button on a shirt. To say that I was in over my head was an understatement.  I entered my local fabric store armed with my picture and started asking questions.  The ladies were more than helpful and pointed me in the right direction for fabric and dummy proof iron on stich witchery. I walked out with white jersey knit fabric and pillow stuffing for the body and hat, blue felt for the collar and hat trim, orange ribbon for the scarf, and stitch witch, Velcro and glue for my glue gun to help hold it all together.  Now I knew it was time to make my vision a reality, well aware that things could go very bad.  We’ve all seen the epic fails of easy DIY Pinterst attempts on pinterestfail.com. I was determined not to end up there.

Over the course of an evening spent at my Mom’s house we made little pillows that would be the bodice, arms and legs; stopping after each pillow part and trying them on my three month old son. Plenty of laughter ensued during this process. The next night I was back at my house crafting the hat, which proved to be more tricky than the mini-pillows but eventually came together quite nicely, followed by a trial run with the baby and plenty of iPhone photos sent out for more laughs. It turns out there wasn’t anything to the collar and scarf and when I put it all together, as comical as it was Ryder smiled, so I think he liked it!

The next day I couldn’t wait to give him a mini-photoshoot, and this proved to be the toughest obstacle yet.  Much tougher than creating his costume, but we powered through it.  I used his photos to create the ultimate Happy Halloween card and sent it out to all of our family and friends.  The card, the costume, and the photos got rave reviews from everyone; in person, over the phone, and on social media.  I had so much fun creating this costume and showing him off that I think I’ve hit the high point in my son’s Halloween career a little prematurely.  He’ll be 15 months at this year’s Halloween and I am totally stumped as to how to top last year’s costume.  I hope you enjoy the photos and this story as much as I enjoyed creating it and sharing it with my family and friends.