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Coolest 70+ Homemade Ghost Busters Costumes

Is there something strange in your neighborhood? Who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters costumes! Check out the costume collection below of the coolest movie inspired DIY costumes for Halloween.

Will you be a ghost or a ghost buster this Halloween? The choice is a hard one to make. Browse through these homemade costume pictures and tutorials to help with your dilemma. Another fun option is always the Stay Puft man. Also, check out the clever Ghost Busters symbol costumes here.

In addition, if you loved the newest take on the classic movie, there are a whole slew of female characters for your DIY costume inspiration.

So learn how to construct a proton pack for your best homemade costume. Then, prepare to blast your way through the crowd this Halloween. And don’t forget to share you costume with us here to inspire others on their DIY costume journey.

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