Coolest Homemade Ghostbuster Ghost Boy’s Halloween Costume Idea

My son LOVES the Ghostbusters movies, but we wanted to do something other than the Busters themselves. I turned him into the actual ghost stuck in the “NO” sign. I used a small hula hoop and traced a big circle on a large piece of cardboard. I made it about 2-3” thick and put the “ / “ through it. I cut this out, and then traced another circle on another piece of cardboard. I duct taped the hula hoop to one of the circles and taped a stick on the “ / “. I then put the other circle on top of this one and started putting 8” strips of red duct tape all around the whole thing, being careful not to “squish” the circles to much (I cut my duct tape on a large cutting board and use a rotary blade – very quick).

Bought a big white sweatshirt for $12.00 and face paint for $1.00 and he was good to go. Total cost with duct tape: about $17.00.