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Coolest Homemade Ghostbusters Logo Halloween Costume

The Homemade Ghostbusters Logo Halloween Costume is made of foam, fleece, felt and stuffing. The Back disc is made from 4-24″ x 24″ 2″ foam pieces cut to make 4 pie pieces. These are then connected by hot glue and spray adhesive to make the whole disc. It is covered with black felt.

The outer red circle used a 24″ x 24″ 4″ piece of foam cut into 6 – 6″x 24″ pieces that are connected end to end and covered in red felt. It is then connected to the disc using spray/glue leaving a section at the bottom unglued where I slide into. The cross bar is also made from left over pieces from the 2″ foam, covered with the red felt and connected to the red outer circle with industrial strength Velcro once I am inside.

The ghost costume was made out of white fleece with pattern pieces I created. The body is velcroed in the back. The hands look like the original and were gloves slipped on. The head is lined with 1/4″ foam to make it more original looking. Areas that needed stuffing were stuffed once I was inside the “circle”. The disc was connected to my body by cutting slats behind me, and using a belt, secured to me.

To support the bottom, felt strips were cut and braided and then tied around the bottom. Wide ribbon was used like suspenders, tucked under the ghost costume and secured to these strips.

This Ghostbusters Logo Halloween Costume was so fun to make and received so many compliments all night long!

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