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1000+ Amazingly Cool Costume Ideas

There’s a more than a week to go until Halloween and you need costume ideas! Rest assured, you have come to the right place. The costumes in this section will amaze you. Even more so when you realize they are all homemade and constructed in less than a month.

Perhaps you are looking for a family group costume. Check out the Beetlejuice family or the Flinstones family (you won’t believe the car they created).

Maybe you’re going for a stand-alone homemade costume? Check out the peacocks, LEGO people and superheros. In addition you will find Cleopatra, Jack Skellington and ET. The best part is, there are instructions on how to design and put together these incredibly realistic costumes.

If you are really stuck for DIY costume ideas, you should probably turn to your favorite food! Learn how to make slurpees, burgers, funnel cakes and churros.

Have fun browsing through this section. Let your creativity wander over the pages and please share your homemade creation with us here!

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