Sassy Sub Zero Costume with a Female Twist

Sassy Subzero Costume with a Female Twist

I always loved the Mortal Kombat games growing up, so I decided that I should pay tribute to my favorite childhood game. Sub Zero was an easy choice for my homemade costume! I found an old child’s costume lying around, so it was time to become inspired and creative. I cut up that old ninja … Read more

Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume Inspired by 2020 Meme

2020 Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume

The year 2020 has been such a hot mess, a meme of a dumpster fire with the year 2020 on it has been circulating the internet. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I go all out creating my costumes, but they are with a twist. I seek out the most unconventional ideas and then make … Read more

Easy Homemade Bowser Costume for Adults

Easy Bowser Costume for Adults

In order to take a little pressure off of Halloween this year with the pandemic roaring on, my pod and I decided to pick a theme for our costumes, so that we could be inspired to impress one another without wasting one of our top tier costume ideas. The theme was villains, and for some … Read more

Last Minute “Triple D’s” Stay at Home Mom Group Costume

The Triple D's created by 3 Stay at home mom's @ the last minute!

We are the triple D’s! We each had our own thing going on, so collectively we became the “dark angel”, the “devil mama”, and the “ditzy clown”. We originally planned on attending some Halloween themed parties, however, the three of us friends, and stay at home moms, just couldn’t afford it after our kids costumes … Read more

Top 11 Prize-Winning Sexy Halloween Costumes

Top 11 Prize-Winning Sexy Halloween Costumes

The sexy Halloween costumes in this collection all won prizes at local costume contests. They’ll all serve as great inspiration on your quest for a perfect costume to make and also one that has potential to win a prize at Halloween costume contests you’ll be attending. 1. Linda’s Awesome Homemade Halloween Peacock Costume I covered … Read more

Cutest Ever Homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 Couple Costume

Thing1 and Thing2

My best friend and I have always called each other Thing 1 and Thing 2. We’ve always talked about actually dressing up like them on Halloween for years! My best friend moved away 6 years ago, so we haven’t celebrated Halloween together in years. This year she said she was coming to town PreHalloween weekend so we can … Read more

Luke Skywalker Costume: Jedi Training with Master Yoda

Luke Skywalker Costume: Jedi Training with Master Yoda

This Luke Skywalker costume took some time to make, but I am very proud how it turned out and made on a budget. I won a costume contest at a local bar and received tons of attention with many compliments! Yoda stole the show of course, but the rest of the costume is still very elaborate as … Read more

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

I made this four of a kind cards group costume during my freshman year of college at Michigan State University. For Halloween my roommates and I decided we didn’t want to go out in the typical store bought costume, we wanted to make our own! Since there were 4 of us, we had the idea of … Read more

Coolest Skittles Group Costume


We got the idea to be Skittles for Halloween after someone found a picture on the internet of a girl dressed as a green Skittle. We decided we wanted to be different color Skittles, but make our dresses out of DUCT TAPE. In the end, it turned out to be an awesome idea even though … Read more

Homemade Crowd-Stopping, Light-Up DJ Pikachu Pokemon Costume

pikachu pokemon costume

My 2016 Halloween DJ Pikachu Pokemon costume idea came to me in July with the release of the popular game Pokemon Go!  Growing up I watched the Pokemon cartoon, and with all the hype of Pokemon Go it inspired me to create a Pokemon themed costume! I knew from the start I wanted to be … Read more

Cool DIY Voodoo Doll Costume for a Woman

Voodoo Doll for a Woman

This is me as a voodoo doll for a Halloween party at work. It was a group costume, so there were two others identical to me. You can wear this in a group or alone. It was fairly simple to make. The black shirt, shirt, tights and shoes all came from a thrift store. I … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sexy Cruella de Vil Costume

sexy cruella de vil costume

Cruella was the most fun character to play for the night! I wanted a glamorous, sexy Cruella de Vil costume that matched the Disney look perfectly and I knew as soon as I found the coat it was made for this look. Creating the Sexy Cruella de Vil Costume I trawled a few charity shops … Read more