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Cutest Ever Homemade Princess Jasmine Costume

As a huge Disney fan, I of course had to anniversary my DIY Ariel costume from last year. So, I decided to do a Princess jasmine costume from the Disney movie Aladdin. This costume was definitely a lot tricker to create than the mermaid costume. Here is what I did:

Making the Top of my Jasmine Costume

I purchased an aqua colored bra and matching gauzy fabric (I used the same fabric for the harem pants). Then, I draped the fabric over the bra and tacked it on the sides. I also created “sleeves” on the sides with holes for my arms to fit through. To embellish, I used a sequin tape along the bra straps and down the front of the bra. I used a row of “coins” I found at Joanne Fabrics along the bottom of the bra. To complete, I glued a sapphire blue stone in the center of the bra.

Making the Costume Pants

The pants were tricky. I found a pattern online for harem pants and used my measurements. Word to the wise: make sure you have PLENTY of fabric and allow yourself a lot of room. It’s much easier to take out fabric then add back in. After I sewed up the pants, I made a belt out of a shiny fabric I found at Joanne’s. I also sewed the same coin tape from the top along the bottom of the belt.

Princess Jasmine Costume Accessories

To accessorize, I found a sleek gold necklace and BIG gold earrings. I also borrowed a friend’s headpiece that definitely screamed “Jasmine.”

Overall, I was happy with how the costume turned out despite the pant challenge. I can’t wait until next year!

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