Outstanding Princess Jasmine Costume

Outstanding Princess Jasmine Costume

My daughter Victoria and I worked on this Princess Jasmine costume together. As you can see we covered one of her bras with gathered blue fabric, added decorative trim, attached drop sleeves that I stuffed with some cotton to give it dimension. Bra has a decorative pendent, however the jewel drop is real, Blue Topaz … Read more

Cool Aladdin Riding on a Magic Carpet Illusion Costume

Aladdin on a Magic Carpet Illusion Costume

I got the idea of Aladdin riding on a magic carpet illusion costume after watching a tik tok that my girlfriend showed me and thinking that I could do it better. I wrote down a plan of how I was going to do this. I have an electric longboard and I knew that would be … Read more

Cool DIY Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine

This amazing version of Princess Jasmine was created by Maleah’s grandmother. We used turquoise chiffon (6yds) for the over lay of the skirt and part of the top. We used a Satin underlay about three yards. We also topped it off with silver and white lace with a beautiful design on it for the top … Read more

Coolest Flying Genie Illusion Costume

Homemade Flying Genie Illusion Costume

I still remember creating Halloween costumes as a child with my dad, back in my small hometown. Hearing people say “How did you make that”?? or “Where did you come up with that idea?” created a passion to continue building costumes throughout my adult years. October always creates an inner excitement of what is about … Read more

A ride on a magic carpet with Prince Ali? Or is it Aladdin?

A ride on a magic carpet with Prince Ali? Or is it Aladdin?

I was looking for a costume that was a little different this year. My son wanted to do a transformation since I had made princess transformation costumes for my daughter the years before. My daughter wanted to be a princess. After some convincing, my son agreed to do a magic carpet costume if he could … Read more

Jasmine on a Flying Magic Carpet Illusion Costume

Jasmine in flying magic carpet

After watching the movie Aladdin, my daughter wanted to be dressed up as Jasmine for Halloween. So we started checking out the costumes for Jasmine. Then we thought why not try to make an illusion costume. Thus we started making this costume. The carpet is made with cardboard and we got a table cloth from … Read more

Coolest Genie in a Lamp Costume

My Grandson wanted to be a Genie for Halloween. I made a black skirt and put blue lights on it the covered it with fake spider webs to give a smoke look. I sewed on trim to the shirt. I made the vest out of gold fabric. Finally, he was painted all blue!

Cutest Ever Homemade Princess Jasmine Costume

Cute DIY Princess Jasmine Costume

As a huge Disney fan, I of course had to anniversary my DIY Ariel costume from last year. So, I decided to do a Princess jasmine costume from the Disney movie Aladdin. This costume was definitely a lot tricker to create than the mermaid costume. Here is what I did: Making the Top of my Jasmine … Read more

Coolest Homemade Disney’s Aladdin Carpet Costume

Coolest Homemade Disney's Aladdin Carpet Costume

To make Carpet, first we had to get gold colored ribbon used for the top and bottom of Carpet, purple lace used for all four sides of Carpet, yellow fabric paint used for tigers and swords and decoration in the middle, red fabric paint used for the fire on sides and decoration in the middle, … Read more

Coolest Homemade Aladdin Group Costume

Coolest Homemade Aladdin Group Costume

As Disney girls through and through we knew that we’d have to do a Disney themed costume at some point. Being that our favorite movie is Aladdin, my actual name is Jazmin and Julie’s favorite animal is a tiger, we knew an Aladdin Halloween costume would be perfect! When we first came up with this … Read more

Super Awesome Aladdin and Jasmine Couple Costume

Super Awesome Aladdin and Jasmine Couple Costume

My best guy friend and I are OBSESSED with Disney’s Aladdin. So of course, we just had to make it happen for Halloween. John and I talked about how to make it happen and watched the movie millions of times… you know, for research ;) My mom actually designed and sewed the costumes herself, while … Read more