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A ride on a magic carpet with Prince Ali? Or is it Aladdin?

I was looking for a costume that was a little different this year. My son wanted to do a transformation since I had made princess transformation costumes for my daughter the years before. My daughter wanted to be a princess. After some convincing, my son agreed to do a magic carpet costume if he could also be Prince Ali transforming into Aladdin. He loves to sing “prince Ali turns out to be merely Aladdin”. I figured the carpet would be challenging for the kids to walk in Halloween night, so I made an extra bottom for them.

For the carpet, we cut two holes into a piece of cardboard and added Paracord to it. I cut two small slits in the rug so I could repurpose the rug for pictures later on. The fake legs were smaller versions of the kids pants sewn and a hole cut in it so the kids could wear it around their waist.

For the transformation Ali costume, I used magnetic fabric tape so my son could easily put it on and take it off. We’d tried Velcro in the past but it’s very challenging to pull off quickly. The most challenging part was figuring out how to do the transformation in as little steps as possible because my son is so young.

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