My daughter Victoria and I worked on this Princess Jasmine costume together. As you can see we covered one of her bras with gathered blue fabric, added decorative trim, attached drop sleeves that I stuffed with some cotton to give it dimension. Bra has a decorative pendent, however the jewel drop is real, Blue Topaz with diamonds. Pants are just balloon pants that I sewed, I gathered them at ankles and just below waist.

I made two pairs of shoes. When she was just going to wear bikini bottoms with wrap she was going to wear high heel ankle boots, she decided to wear harem pants so I made some slippers. I could not find Jasmine jewelry like the ones in the movie, so I also made the jewelry, it it gold lame stuffed with cotton and hand sewn. Necklace is compressed Styrofoam with gold lame and also stuffed with cotton and hand sewn. Oh, the things you can do with cotton quilting