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Jasmine on a Flying Magic Carpet Illusion Costume

After watching the movie Aladdin, my daughter wanted to be dressed up as Jasmine for Halloween. So we started checking out the costumes for Jasmine. Then we thought why not try to make an illusion costume. Thus we started making this costume.

The carpet is made with cardboard and we got a table cloth from thrift store which is glued to the cardboard to look like a carpet. Next I had some blue cloth so I made a blouse and pants out of it with little golden laces to suit Jasmine. The legs were filled with sponge and glued to the carpet.

Next I glued my daughter’s teapot with a few gems and made it look like a magic lamp. I made a hole in the center of the cardboard with her waist measurements. Then, when she tried to fit into the hole and balance the cardboard we had some issues. So I tied a rope to the cardboard and tied it to her waist so that it stays in place.

The final result was awesome and she was so happy to go trick or treating with it.

Jasmine in flying magic carpet

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