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40+ Eccentric Homemade Addams Family Costumes

Snap your fingers for this creepily mysterious and absolutely lovable family. Even if they are overall ooky, they make some amazingly creepy DIY costumes which are perfectly suited for Halloween. So, dress up your whole family in these frighteningly awesome Addams family costumes.

Heading up this eccentric clan are Morticia and Gomez. Children Wednesday and Pugsley come next. More key players are Uncle Fester and Cousin Itt. But, by far the best part of these homemade costumes are the facial expressions of the people who wear them.

In addition, the accessories for these DIY costumes are just are hilarious as the actual costumes themselves. Check out Thing resting on one of Wednesday’s shoulders. And the light bulb in the mouth of an Uncle Fester here.

So take out your black clothing and paint your face white for the spookiest Addams family costumes this Halloween!

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