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Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume Inspired by 2020 Meme

The year 2020 has been such a hot mess, a meme of a dumpster fire with the year 2020 on it has been circulating the internet. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I go all out creating my costumes, but they are with a twist. I seek out the most unconventional ideas and then make them “stupid-sexy.” An idea I got in college when I saw girls just wearing a bra and underwear with bunny ears.

So making a dumpster fire “sexy” seemed like a great challenge. I bought a box, taped it and cut a whole in the bottom to fit my legs through, added “handles.” I spray-painted it added the Waste Management logo and 2020 on the front.

I cut out flames from poster board and glued to the inside of the box and then made fire emoji boobs out of poster board then velcroed them to a silicone backless strapless bra. Then my friends and I got the idea to do the photoshoot at a gas station with the pump.

Because of COVID, I didn’t go to bars or parties, which was hard for me, but I posted on social media. I gave hints throughout the month and then revealed the costume on Sunday. It was well received.

Most of my friends anticipate my costumes every year, but this year people were really loving the 2020 vibes. I usually enter costume contests at bars, but since I couldn’t, my friends actually told me to find ones online!

2020 Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume
2020 Sexy Dumpster Fire Costume

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