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Coolest Fire Extinguisher Costume

I got this idea from a cartoon I came across when searching for ideas. The cartoon was a picture of a fire-extinguisher with a funny caption that read “I put out”. I was sold from that point on that I was making the costume.

2 styrofoam balls
red felt
black see through felt
plastic tubing
plastic basket
10 sheets of poster board
glue gun

I first needed a base to keep the overall form of the costume which ended up being multiple pieces of poster board paper stapled together and layered to give it a bendable form, but also sturdy enough to handle the night at the bar.

I wrapped the poster board around into a cylinder and made sure it was wide enough for me to fit into. Once I sized it out I cut arm holes in the poster so as to make sure I could fit in and squeeze my arms out to have a sufficient range of motion all night.

Next, at the fabric store, I purchased some red felt silk fabric that was very breathable and stretched easily. The fabric was about 16 bucks and I ended up getting way to much. I then purchased from Walmart a round basket for 4 bucks that was large enough to fit on top of the cylinder.

I cut a big hole in the basket so I could run the hose from my mouth to the funnel which was also purchased at Walmart for 3 to 4 bucks. The tubing was only 6 bucks and I got extra so as to perfect the ‘Beer Bong’ technique with my extinguisher hose. I added the silk fabric with glue and staples to be sure it held at all the important points and actually used a glue gun for the basket connecting to the poster board.

Overall it was pretty easy, just a little time consuming as it took about 2-3 hours and some prep time. As you can see I also got some white felt fabric to add for effect and then the Styrofoam balls were attached and glued on and glued together to show off as eyes so they wouldn’t move.

The mouth shape I had cut out of the poster board once the whole costume was done so I could figure exactly where I needed to see out of. I used a see-through felt from the fabric store and just glue gunned it from the inside over the hole.

Overall it was an amazing costume and I won the best costume prize at the bar, plus it served as a multi-function due to the ‘Beer Bong’ that was attached. Whenever I needed a drink I would employ a friend and they would pour me up one.

Finally I included this picture because the Poster board I am carrying has a picture of the Cartoon of where I originated the idea and it even read “I put out” on the poster board.

Girls loved it.

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